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by:KEBO      2019-07-03
Computers have made great progress, and now having a personal computer is not what the richest people can achieve, the falling price of computer technology has brought a lot of burden to every family. now we have a personal computer.The price of computers has also fallen sharply. whether it's time or money, owning a computer is a good investment.
Start correctly before setting up a new PC.The instruction sheet is the most important purchase, equivalent to the computer purchase itself.Should not be ignored, a new computer user should take all possible time to check it carefully.
Make it less complicated.
They usually provide a single-page poster with all the details of handling the new PC settings step by step.In addition to the computer settings, the manual also includes;All kinds of ways to enable computer components like users only need to pass these instructions and plug-insin.It is important to enable new computers with safety and security as the primary task.
Connect the power cord of the PC and monitor to a good protector or uninterrupted power supply (UPS), not to any normal power plug for safety purposes.It will help to protect important equipment in the event of power failure, lightning strike or surge.While these devices are cheap, they save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on damaged devices.
Nowadays, the problem with PCs is much more serious than the surge, so it is also important to protect new PCs from other damage.Today, most computers are equipped with virus protection software, both trial and full versions.This virus protection should be turned on every time a PC is connected to the Internet.
The computer settings run should only be enabled after the virus scanner completes its process and all components are in place.The first thing the new PC owner should do is visit the website of the virus protection vendor to get a new update that may have been released.It is very important to keep the virus scanning software up to date before doing any setup operations.
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