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by:KEBO      2019-09-16
Everyone thought it wouldn't happen to me.But what if so?In an instant, all your files, pictures and files are gone.Of course, you can find the disk that comes with your computer to reinstall the application, but what about your data, the most important component?Data backups are ignored by many computer owners.There are many things that can paralyze your computer, some of which include power surge, hard drive crash, careless mistakes, viruses, fires or theft.If your system does not come with a recovery disc, you should consider making a backup disc as soon as possible.This is important if you need to rebuild your system to its optimal state.The frequency of your backup data varies from person to person.This depends on the number of data inputs, the frequency of changes, and the nature of the data.The general rule of thumb is to back up anything that is difficult and timeRe-consumptioncreate.How to back up data: it includes backup software if you have Windows XP;However, if you are running on the home version, it is installed by default.After installing the software, go to the Start menu, select access, then select system tools, and then backup to run the backup wizard.On the last screen, you can press the advanced button, which will allow you to schedule duplicate backups automatically.The Wizard also allows you to create a system recovery disc that will enable you to start and rescue data when Windows is damaged.At the end of this article, you will find a list of programs and software that can make data backups for you.You might think you want to back up everything in your computer.However, there is no need to back up the software and applications because they can be re-installed with the original disc.Most Windows programs now store data in the user profile by default.Backup program: There are many programs that can perform data backup for you, some of which are described here.Ghost 9.0 create a complete drive image, IBackup copy files to a remote database, and Retrospect Professional 6 for dantz Retrospect.5 is a traditional backup tool.There is also free software for data backup.Backup4 can protect your data, for example, and has a simple backup wizard that allows you to schedule backups at any time.Image Maker is a simple disk toolto-With the disk imaging tool, you can create accurate images of the entire drive.It works directly from inside Windows, so there is no need to boot from a floppy disk.Handy Backup is another software that automatically backs up critical data to any type of storage medium.Backup Tips: Here are some tips to remember about data backup: Don't delay.Most people only decide to back up their data after they have experienced a loss!Try to find a backup software that can hold twice the hard drive so that you can schedule a backup when you are away.Only necessary content is backed up.However, please back it up if you are not sure...Safer than sorry!
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