computer power surge protector computer stress and how to deal with it -

by:KEBO      2019-09-16
Of all the forms of stress in the world today, computer stress is growing fastest....are ......But they can also reduce the pressure of workers through their pressure...In today's world, Computer Stress is one of the fastest growing forms of stress.Computers are great machines, but they sometimes put pressure on workers because of chaotic needs, constant presence and simple inability to work properly.Therefore, it is necessary to understand the pressure of the computer. it must find a way out. otherwise, computer users will find themselves more nervous than they are now.The first thing to remember about computers is that they are machines.They don't have feelings, they don't respond to emotional demands, they just do what they are told to do;Not much, not much.So you need to remember that anything your computer does may be what you tell it to do.Of course, you may not want to tell it what to do, but you tell the computer to do it, and that's all it knows.With this in mind, you can save a lot of computer stress.The next thing you need to know in order to avoid computer stress is that computers are machines, so they crash.This means that you need to keep a backup copy of all the important content.If you absolutely need a file, please save a copy on a floppy disk or CD.As we all know, the hard disk will signal after a period of time (the average life is about 4-5 years), so you need to keep a backup of everything you want to keep.If it's important enough that you want a copy, it's important enough to keep a backup copy.The sooner you remember the failure of your computer, the less stressful you are.Third, you need to protect your computer.The basic meaning is surge protector.The surge can quickly blow up the fragile parts inside the computer and suddenly realize that you need a new computer, which is the worst stress in almost all computers.In addition, you need to protect your computer from external interference.If your computer is connected to the Internet, please use the network firewall and preventvirus software.There are a lot of malicious hackers out there who like to watch people panic about the sudden death of their computers.Viruses and worms written by these hackers will infect your machine and delete important files or send malicious emails on their own.You don't want to take over your computer like this.Protect you from this computer pressure by protecting your system and files from attacks by external attackers.Another way to protect the computer is to turn the computer off correctly.Many people directly press the power button without shutting down first.This is a serious danger because it will damage the precision circuit of the computer.Run your computer through the computer's shutdown system, wait for it to turn off, or it tells you it's time to turn it off.It doesn't seem like a big deal to some, but in the long run it can damage your computer.Computer Stress can also simply take so long from sitting in front of stupid things that you realize you don't know what you're looking.You know you need to get the job done on stupid machines, but you didn't do anything, the deadline is imminent, you need more time, but no, just slow down.If you don't do anything, they will walk away and save yourself some computer stress.If you're working, lock your screen and stroll through the hallway for a while.If you're at home, get up and make yourself a sandwich or something.Just walk away and you will save a lot of stress for something that really isn't a big deal.One of the problems living in the computer age is, simply put, the computer.However, it is just a machine and you can learn to control it without it controlling you.Your computer is no different from a hammer or crowbar.So avoid computer stress and you won't feel the need to use a hammer or crowbar on your computer, which should make your life easier.
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