computer power strip How Do Surge Protectors Work?

by:KEBO      2019-09-05
Surge protectors are voltage limiting devices that protect our electronic and electrical equipment from high voltage.It is mainly used for computer power lines.Scroll down to see how these devices work.
The surge protector, also known as surge suppression, pressure limiting, or surge protector, is an electronic device designed to prevent lightning strikes and other excess voltages from flooding into our home's wires.
volts.What happens if this voltage hits the power cord of your electronic device?Obviously it will damage it!In addition, we know that the standard voltage used in home and office equipment is 120 V (in the US ).If the voltage above this value passes through any device, there will certainly be a problem.This problem can be avoided by using a surge inhibitor.
Surge is a sharp rise in transmission line voltage due to lightning and other internal reasons.
.The surge is a temporary voltage rise that lasts only a fraction of the power cycle wave.A wave may have a single or multiple voltage spikes that cause damage to an electronic device.The surge should be properly protected;If not, it may cause insulation failure of wires or electrical equipment due to too high or too high voltage.Due to the large amplitude of the power wave, the part of the electrical equipment through which the surge passes can be destroyed.The impact of the surge can be compared to the effect of applying high water pressure inside the hose.When high water pressure is applied, the hose is disconnected.Again, when passing the wire, the surge burns the wire.
The device transmits current to electrical and electronic equipment.If the voltage surges to a high value that exceeds the equipment threshold level, the surge suppression device will divert it to the ground, thus saving the equipment.
Most surge suppression devices use this device.
.Now, let's see what happens when low pressure and high pressure pass through it.But what if the voltage is neither high nor low?In this case, MOV does not take action.
The surge suppression system includes one or more major electronic components mentioned below.
Often, circuits made up of electronic devices are very vulnerable to voltage spikes because they do not have the ability to withstand high voltage or current.Although repeated surges do not damage electrical appliances such as computers and DVD players.It will reduce the life of these devices.
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