computer power backup systems what files you must keep in your computer backup

by:KEBO      2019-08-02
Windows Backup is the most basic application needed to create an important data security Backup.While you can use a third-party window maintenance tool to create backups, most prefer the Windows backup tool that comes pre-installed with the Windows operating system.In this article, I will tell you "what files must be included when creating a computer system backup ".Most people who know how to create a backup must think it is a waste of time to read the article, but I can assure you that your views will change dramatically once you have read the article.

First of all, you have to collect all the important files scattered on your hard drive in one place.This usually includes your Word document, certificate, presentation, etc.Don't forget to collect application settings such as Microsoft office, Google chrome or Mozilla Firefox settings, VLC player, you tube downloader, etc when installing new computer settings.What you think must be
You should then move to the computer hard drive (C) in the program file to create a backup of the application configuration/settings and logs.Don't forget to create a database backup, most people don't bother with these little things, but they regret it when they have to create the same database again.
Pictures, songs and videos.I believe that most people, including me, have never made a mistake in creating backups of movies, audio songs, video songs, etc.Even people will collect wallpapers from their favorite celebrities and don't have to say they will never forget to back up these useful things.
Now, people save messages on the desktop via webmail client services such as MS Outlook, Windows Live, and AOL.Don't forget to create a backup for all important messages;They are all stored.Pst file format.
Most people also customize their login screen, desktop and power management options by making certain changes to the registry file, so it is always recommended to create a backup of the registry file, while you can access them through the Registry Editor window through the control panel or the launch search box, if you are unable to complete the required tasks, then you should use certain third-party window maintenance tools.
BOOKMARKS: bookmarks contain web links that are most frequently viewed.It is always recommended to create backups of these bookmarks as they are very useful for future references.
You can also try to create a backup of the system image that contains the exact copy of the system and when you restore the system, you will get the same computer again.It is not a preference because it presents a limited selection to the user when selecting content for the creation of a backup.

You do not need to create a backup of the system drive content as they will all be recreated, it is recommended not to create a backup of "Windows", \ "Program Files \", etc.
Avoid creating backups of redundant data because it consumes a lot of space that can be used to store any useful content.
Therefore, if you implement the above tips when creating a backup, you will easily create a backup and a new computer installation.
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