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The 36-The art deco building is located at 895 Park Avenue.In New York City, you can be in a luxury co-op: 24-Concierge service, elevator, wine cellar, squash court and gym.After a few months, it can have another convenience: a backup generator."When you consider what they pay for maintenance and living, they hope it will not cause you inconvenience," said Joseph Walsh, agent for Gumley Haft, who manages Park Avenue 895.Tenants pay from $5,000 per month.Many residents worried about elderly people and their neighbors with disabilities initially thought it was a generator after the earthquake.2001 terrorist attacks.The entire area affected by the recent power outage, togetherThe Op board of directors, homeowners and landlords are all considering whether the spare juice is the next must --have comfort.In home improvement chains like Home Depot and Lloyd's, stores have sold thousands of portable generators.In Long Island, Gerard Turza, owner of GT Power Systems, a generator seller, said his phone did not stop ringing.Kohler Power Systems is a high-production company.Marketing director Mark Lepp said Terminal generators plan to double the production of residential systems in the next 90 days.It's not surprising that homeowners will ask for emergency power supplies after power outages that affect millions of people.However, the recent power outage could mark a turning point, which could turn generators, such as the previous alarm system and garage door opener, into ordinary household appliances.Homeowners have been threatened in the past few years.-Perception and truth-Their power supply.Starting in 1999, some of the more vigilant (or paranoid) people bought generators to solve the problem with the Y2K computer.Some homeowners have installed spare equipment to keep the fridge and lights humming during a storm outage.Then the Sept.Terrorist attacks could undermine infrastructure.In addition to that, there is a way of life that is increasingly dependent on electronic devices, and your population is determined to keep on electricity."We live in an electronic world," said Craig Menier, senior vice president of building business at Home Depot."More and more people are starting to think that the generator is not a" good thing "but a" I really want to have one at home "."Mike Janz, vice president and partner of Gen Power Products Inc.Generator dealers outside Detroit say sales of residential generators have increased by about 40% since 2000.Another factor driving sales, he said, is the aging of the baby boomers, which may require continuous electricity to operate health care equipment at home.Nevertheless, most families suffer power outages in the dark.Those with generators created a clearly visible system of electricity and caste ownednots.Perhaps the most striking contrast is at Chelsea, 2,820-Southern Pennsylvania CorporationOP is an oasis of lightsThe air conditioner was powered by an independent plant built in 1986 that removed the building from the State Grid.Walter mankov, 73year-When the lights go out, the retired union Research director is waiting for a routine appointment in his doctor's office.Two of his-Bedroom apartment in southern Pennsylvania, middle-He whispered to his patient on stage: "I'll go home and calm down."In a nearby building," there must be generator jealousy, "said Jim O'Connor, executive vice president of the Residential Management Group, a division of Prudential Douglas Elliman,O'Connor lives on the London Terrace, another large complex across South Pennsylvania Street.Some residents of southern Pennsylvania feel guilty.Deborah Hada, 48year-The old administrative assistant did not suffer a lot of inconvenience from her colleaguesWorkers and friends"It's a little scary for me," Harada said ."."The mayor and the governor asked us to protect the air,The air conditioner was always on in the hall.In some suburban communities, those with spare power use it as an excuse to host a "generator party.Sean Patrick, a head of public relations who lives in suburban Detroit with his wife and three sons, ignited a portable generator, two other families are invited to barbecue burgers and hot dogs in their backyard."This is an adventure," Patrick said .""Adventure is fun when you have tools."The power outage converted some homeowners into houses.When the 69-year-old Norbert Weisbergyear-Old private investor, bought fiveLast year, they and his wife Judith were in the bedroom house in Hampton East, which they thought was 9-by-5-A pedal generator sitting behind the tennis court.After the sale of what they call "monster" failed, they tried to give it away.When a maintenance man offered to sell them $600a-They refused him.Fortunately, the generator works during a power outage.The couple cooked dinner on their electric stove and read in their brightly lit living room.'The generator is our favorite machine, 'Mr. Weisberg said."He called the maintenance company to win the contract.In Manhattan, brokers specializing in luxury apartments say that even if the rest of the world is languishing in the dark, new developments should provide the added benefits of lights, elevators and water.However, installing a generator in an existing building can be very expensive.Michael Duryea, deputy director of management at Brown Harris Stevens real estate, which manages 150The end building around the city says it could cost about $400,000 to install a generator, and then another $30 000 a year to maintain it.Another problem is where the multi-ton machines are placed and where the fuel needed to operate them is stored.
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