compact battery charger pv solar panels - the precursor to solar power

by:KEBO      2019-08-26
Try photovoltaic power generation by building your personal photovoltaic solar panels.A photovoltaic panel enough to power two AA batteries is very simple enough for people to generate electricity.Develop your panel and charge your battery, then use the battery to enhance the strength of almost all batteriesoperated.Build the ribbon wire into 10 projects, 2 inch long each.Weld a little ribbon wire for the front of each solar cell.Weave the solar battery pack into two columns, four batteries each, down to the board.Be sure to make sure that the zero-cost conclusion for each ribbon wire happens to hit the back of the solar cell.Weld the ribbon wire on the back of the solar cell.Weld the remaining two ribbon wire lengths to two photovoltaic cells without any wires to the back of them.Even if 2 columns are placed face down now, in order for the top unit of a particular column to merge with the top rated unit of the other column a ribbon wire welded again to the back, its ribbon leads are welded to the front.Very simple, after you finish the welding, you will turn a post, nevertheless, it is always in the wrong position when you weld.Cut the 6 inch long black insulated wire and peel off the end so there is enough exposure time for welding.Connect 2 column cells.Weld the ends with black wires, and the exposed ribbon wires come from each of your best pillars.Apply a small amount of adhesive again with the back of each unit and press the board on the back of the adhesive and unit.Because there is no difficulty in cells being broken, be firm but subtle.Turn the panel to make sure it happens to be right-side up.These cells are actually glued to the panel, so the front of each cell is facing you.Minimize two insulated wires, each about 6 inch long, one red and one black.The same strip is present at both ends of each strip, so there is sufficient exposure time for welding.Use the ribbon wire welded on the back to weld one of the finishes in the black wire to the bottom battery;Bend the wire to the right position, and then weld the diode over a ribbon wire extending from the bottom unit of another column.Connect a specific stop from the red line of the diode.Bend this wire along with the initial wire for the most appropriate effect.Connect the battery stand to the panel, weld the battery charger wire on the bottom wire of the panel, and black matches red.In the best condition in the plastic container, minimize the cut-out along with the utility knife and pass through the battery rack line through it.Pack the battery stand from the container to help keep it water tight.
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