cigarette lighter inverter diy: how to change your car battery -

by:KEBO      2019-09-23
When the jumper is no longer working or the car headlights are dim, it may be time to replace the old battery with a new one.Most people can change their car batteries themselves.Monitor your battery life and buy a new one before it gets you stuck.When handling car batteries, make sure all metal tools are away from the pillars and batteries to minimize the chance of discharge.It is also recommended that you wear eye protection when it is unlikely that battery acid will be released from the battery.Steps on how to replace the car battery to turn off the engine.Make sure your vehicle is parking, the engine is off, and the parking brake is on.Remove the cigarette lighter and plug the memory manager into the socket.If you don't have a memory keeper, make sure you have all the pins for the electronics before you start.Check out your car manual to see which devices may be affected.Open the hood and put a blanket or mat on the fender.This can protect your car from corrosive battery acid.Remove the cable from the battery terminal.Determine which terminals on the battery are positive and negative.The terminals of the plus sign are positive, and the terminals of the minus sign are negative.Remove the car battery stand-Or fixed system.Put the parts and fasteners on one side and put them in a place where they will not be misplaced.Remove the old battery and put it in the new battery pool.Wear gloves because the battery material is corrosive.First reconnect the positive battery cable and then reconnect the negative battery cable.Tighten one clip at a time using a wrench.Close the hood firmly and start the engine.Check that all electronic devices are working properly.Discard used batteries correctly at all times.
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