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by:KEBO      2019-10-27
There have been strong power outages over the past two nights.Because I brought lovely inverters from the revenue, I was cut.But my inverter battery is dead.So there was a power outage all night and at night I couldn't stand the damn mosquito bites.When I realized thatI live in a 2 bed house not far from any garbabe with lots of mosquitoes...What about slum dwellers?What about children who have been bitten by mosquitoes?Especially in the third world, many people suffer from the disease.Malaria is increasing.It prevents people from being the best of themselves.So I thought of a plan to build the mosquito repellent business.The applied cream can repel mosquitoes and keep you away from damage.For every four creams sold, one is free for those who need and cannot afford it.I smoke and drink tea today.At the other end, I saw a child lim.He had polio.Despite the free polio medication, this has been ignored.We must attract people's attention.Now I want to list the prices of Indian rupees.Let me know what you think of this idea.$1 = 40-There are 50 Indian rupees every day.Today is 45 years old, assuming the cost of 1 cream is Rs 30 (manufacturing cost, machinery, factory, etc ).The company is Rs 5 (which can be traced back to investors, wages of employees, profits) and an increase of Rs 5 among them.Cream for sale in rs.40 mrp.For every product sold, RS 5 enters the special vault.Then every 4 products are sold, we have 20 rupees in our vault.Since then, I intend to give it to the poor and solve some of their problems so that they can stabilize.The reason these guys didn't succeed is because :-Drunk dad comes to beat mom for money at night (which makes them the same )-No treatment for illnessLack of sanitation (water supply-The government is not ready to give )-Exhortations are expensive due to the expansion of other areas (there are a lot of assholes here who don't care.They just want their wealth and the American dream )-Little or no electricityno awareness.No one is ready for them to learn.They are only preaching, but they are useless.Learning is a change in behavior that does not bring about any change. If you have seen the rich people on Earth, you will find that there are many Indians there.But they are complete assholes and don't care at all.Give back to you here for a perfect start;This is a perfect story, a vendor who sells fruit/vegetables/flowers in Bangalore in the morning and he has to go to the whole sales market (five o'clock A.M.) to buy cheap things over there.The cost of the bus is RS.20 (50 cents) and then he goes back to where he often sells20 again).Then, he sold people all day in the main part of the city.Let's say he sells Rs.1000 worth of thingsHis profit is about rupees.100 rupees from then onThe bus is 40.If he drinks tea twice a day10 rs.Fee of 50 and rupee.50 in earnings.With a Rs.Income of 1500 yuan per month (30-$35), he won't have anything in his life.The problem here is that the lower demand is not met.According to maslow's theory of needs, the lower needs need to be met before a person can be self-satisfiedactualized.Did not reach the lower level.Most people will die without it.On the other hand, in my high school--I see rich kids are totally drug addicts and they don't care much.They spend $10 a day and are happy about it.The more he spends, the cooler he will be.These guys often hang out in expensive places, and most people from the lower level can never imagine a place they will enter in their lifetime (McDonald's, Pizza Hut, KFC ).Coffee Day).That's why I want to do it.Let their subordinates answer.A peaceful sleep for at least one night will allow them to think about the right ideas and do the right thing.What do you think of this idea?Do you think I should implement it as soon as I get 18?Or wait until I'm more mature (20-21)?In order to assign to the right people, I decided to take advantage of churches, temples and other places.In terms of marketing for high-end people, this will be awesome.I believe my marketing ability can make sales stand out in this industry.Finally, is there a market in the US?I can sell $2 instead of $1.
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