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by:KEBO      2019-10-10
One of the most frustrating things when you're trying to have a garden or work on the lawn is that your John Deere is malfunctioning.When something like that happens, a fix can take you hours of maintenance, especially if it's as important as a battery.Fortunately, most John Deere tools have batteries that can be charged.However, even this can sometimes cause problems.If the John Deere battery is not charged, there are a few things you can try.
Check below the flywheel on the charging system.For John Deere it is a common problem that a wire slip from the charging system can cause them to not work properly or charge.If you are trying to charge the battery but are not successful, try tightening the wires connected to the charging system, which will solve the most common problem.
Check your ground connection.The battery must be grounded in some way to charge.If it is not grounded, the battery will not be charged, causing many people to think that their battery is faulty.However, all you have to do is connect the ground battery through a closed ground connection and the battery will charge.To find out how to do this, check the user manual.
Check the AC generator.The alternator is the source of power from the battery to all the other parts of John Deere.If the AC generator is broken, the battery will not be able to charge properly because the electricity will penetrate into other areas prematurely.The AC generator is actually more expensive than the battery, but unfortunately it has to be replaced if you want John Deere to work.It may be under warranty, so check it before buying anything.
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