charging system 4 tips to take care of your car by sammie lowe

by:KEBO      2019-10-18
To make your car look good and perform well, here are some simple guidelines to give you all the information you need to know.There are also some good suggestions for the best maintenance of your car.

Do you know your way under the hood of the car?While not as important as before, regular under-hood checks can solve problems before they become expensive.Today, with the selfThere are gas stations everywhere, and usually the only way you can do it is by yourself.
First of all, read your owner's manual, or if you buy a used car, search for your model Manual Online, while in most cases there is no driver's manual for used cars.There will always be a part under the hood check.A word about safety though: read the safety warning in your boss's manual and any safety warning stickers under the hood.Also, you 'd better put an old pair of gloves and a roll of paper towels in your boots.
If the engine has been running for a long time, there will be very hot areas under the hood.In addition to checking the transmission level, all inspections should be done when the engine is turned off.Do not place your hands near any belt or fan if the engine is running.

Most of the batteries today are repaired for free, which means you can't check the water level.However, this does not mean that there is nothing to check.The main thing to check is the top of the battery, should be clean and dry, and the terminal connection, should be clean and tight.If the top of the battery is continuously damp or corroded shortly after cleaning, then please have your mechanic check the charging system and the battery.If you happen to consider buying a used car from a dealer and don't know anything about the battery, you may want to check it by looking at and checking the cable.If it is corroded (rusty or white chemicals are forming), you can ask the used car dealer to clean it or replace the battery to save you more money.
To make your car look good and perform well, here are some tips on checking the level of coolant (antifreeze) and the level of oil.

Don't open the radiator of the car you just drove.The cooling system of the car is under high pressure, and the liquid is usually hotter than boiling water.Look for a cooling system backup tank somewhere near the radiator.It is usually translucent white, so you can see the level of the fluid without opening it.(Don't confuse it with the windshield cleaning tank ).There will be two marks on the side of the spare tank.It's hot and cold.If the liquid level is often lower than full cold after adding the fluid, you may have a leak and should be checked as soon as possible.Today's engine is more vulnerable to overheating damage, so don't ignore this important system.If your car is prone to overheating, you may want to replace the engine coolant or check the radiator.Cars bought from car auctions usually have this problem, so you may want to look into the value of used cars and ask for car service and damage/accident history to understand the problem.Having an overheated engine on the road can be a very difficult thing.

The engine cannot run without oil;It is oil to prevent serious damage to the engine or complete damage!To check the oil level, make sure the engine is off and then find the oil gauge and remove it.Wipe the end of the stick with a paper towel or rag and notice the mark above.You usually see one full mark and the other.If you have just purchased a used car, it is advisable to check the oil immediately to determine if it is necessary to refuel or replace it.Clean oil is also the best for car engines.
Check your owner's manual to determine.Push the rod back into the tube until it sets and pull it out immediately to see the oil level.You should not add oil unless the level is below the add mark, and never add oil to make the level above the full mark.The main problem with your inspection this time is that oil consumption has not increased rapidly.If so, take your car to the repair shop as soon as possible to check it out.Oil is acceptable as long as you replace it within the recommended time interval.However, it should not be a bubble, nor should there be a strong smell of gasoline.If all these conditions exist, please check as soon as possible.Remember, you can go through a website like a mobile mechanic and give you tips and advice on properly maintaining your car, but it is also recommended to pay a few dollars regularly for an expert to check that your car is in its best condition.
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