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by:KEBO      2019-10-27
No, not a metaphor, I mean when your home/office is really struck by lightning.This happened to a friend of mine whose house was not hit directly, but it was close enough to the telephone line to carbonize the socket on his phone Wall, blow up his modem router and blow up the motherboard.When I went to assess the damage, the smell of burnt plastic and carpet was very obvious.I don't know why his house was not on fire.His power supply also has a surge protector with telecom protection, but his phone/router is not connected.It happened that even if he connected the phone through the surge protector, they were not designed to stop the damage caused by such a close lightning strike.This is the information.If you want to protect your phone line from lightning strikes, you need a surge protector that specifically states that it can respond to lightning strikes.Belkin did a thing called SurgeCube and there may be more products.After fixing my friend's settings, I made sure we all had these things (which I didn't have before )-The 5 I got from Amazon is well worth it.
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