cable modem surge protector Protect Your PC Against Sudden Power Surges

by:KEBO      2019-11-06
Q: The first rainstorm in this season knocked off our electricity.My computer was on.I didn't lose any data, but I was told that the computer would be damaged due to a sudden power failure.True or not?If so, what is the best way to protect my system?A: A power outage is unlikely to hurt anything, although you may lose anything you are working on when the lights go out.However, sometimes a surge in power with a power outage can paralyze the components inside your PC.All you need is a simple surge protector that you can buy at a pharmacy for less than $15.If you live in an area where frequent power outages and thunderstorms are the norm, consider the disruptive power supply of companies such as network power supply or APC.From $60 to start, they can keep your system running for a few minutes after a power outage-There is enough time to safely close any program and close the device.Q: I have been buying a new computer. what caught my attention was Hewlett-Packard 6745C.It is equipped with 700 MHz saiyang chip, 20 gb hard drive and CD-The drive can be rewritten.The only thing I care about is memory.It has 64 mb of "shared" dram for up to 11 megabytes of video.Is it good or bad?A: It's both.By providing regular memory for video, PC-Maker does not need to put in a separate graphics card with its own memory.This helps to lower the price of computers.But there are also shortcomings in this strategy.First of all, the 11 Megs are not enough to run very popular video games.Second, if you have a dedicated graphics card, the game may run slower.Third, when some memory is transferred to the video, the memory used for normal computing tasks is reduced.Bottom line: HP settings should be fine if you are not going to use a lot of streaming videos or games.If you are planning to be a power video user, go and buy a PC with at least 128 MB of regular memory and a good 3D graphics card with 32 MB of onboard memory.Q: How can I convert an Excel file to a Word file and vice versa?I think this is possible.But when I try to save the Excel file as a Word file, the file type menu does not contain the Word option.Excel is a spreadsheet program.Word is a Word processor.They are like dogs and cats and you can't turn them into another one.The best thing to do is copy and paste the Excel sheet into a blank word document and save it as a Word document.This will keep the format and allow you to edit the worksheet in Word.Q: I have American online at home.In the office, I use the AOL instant messaging software, but it is a version that can be downloaded from Netscape.I would like to use this version at home as it has more features than the version built into AOL.The problem is: after I connect my PC to aol I can't start the standSeparate instant messagingI have been getting a message saying that I am connected.Is there a way to solve this problem?A: The old version of the IM program cannot be used online at the same time as the AOL.However, there is a solution.Go to and download the latest upgrade for AOL-Brand instant messagingIt works like the Netscape version--You can only log in to AOL if you use it.It also has some cool new features like getting you to access your buddy list from any computer.This week's tip: Do you want to quickly save the web page as a favorite without a mouse?The method is this: hold down the Control key and press the letter "d ".This will save the active page and work with Internet Explorer and Netscape.
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