cable modem surge protector Hacking Via DSL Is Rare

by:KEBO      2019-11-06
Q: My friend at work suggested that I use firewall software to protect my computer.I have a DSL and they say it makes me vulnerable to hacking.Is it true? If so, what kind of software do you recommend?A: anyone using a DSL or cable modem can connect to the Internet continuously.This means that your computer has an Internet address that will never change.This makes you more vulnerable to hacking than a normal dialUp account, it gives you a different address every time you log in.But the actual risk of having someone access your PC over the internet is almost zero.However, if you are paranoid about this, you can install a firewall and set a layer of protection between you and the outside world.The two main competitors in the field are Symantec's Norton Personal Firewall.(About $50) and McAfee personal firewall ($30 ).Q: I was typing a document recently.When I finished, Microsoft announced an "illegal operation" and crashed the program-All my efforts were in vain.How can I prevent this kind of disaster in the future?A: It is not possible to predict when Windows will hit you with an "illegal operation" message.They are caused by a variety of things, from hard disk problems to software programs that interfere with other programs.So you can only assume that once in a while, a program will freeze on you.This does not mean, however, that you must suffer.Most word-The handler can automatically save the document as you process it, or at least prompt you to save it every few minutes.If you are using Microsoft Word, you can use the tools/options menu to tell the program to automatically restore documents lost in crashes.However, the best solution is the one I use.Every time I finish a paragraph, I press the Control key and press the "S" key so that the document can be saved.That way, if my program crashes, the only thing I lose is the time it takes to restart the PC.Q: What is the easiest way to transfer a document from my hard drive to a floppy disk?I need to do this so I can send the disk to some clients so they can load the files on their computer.A: The easiest way I know is this: doubleClick on the My Documents folder on the Windows desktop.Find the document you wantclick it.From the context menu that appears, point your mouse to send to and select 3 1/2 floppy disk ().This will save a copy of the document on the disk of the floppy drive.However, you still have to mail the disk to your customer.Why don't you go straight?Mail the documents?You can send them as an attachment to the message.Faster, and you won't rush for floppy disks, envelopes, and stamps.Q: I have placed a large number of favorites in the Internet Explorer browser in the office.I want to copy them to my home computer.Is there a way to do this?A: There is.On the computer you are working on, export favorites to a new file using the import and export options in the Internet Explorer File menu.E-Mail the file to an account you can access at home or save the file to a floppy disk and take the disk home.Download email when you get homeMail a file or use a floppy disk to import favorites into Internet Explorer using the same import and export features.If you are like me, there are a lot of things in your Windows Start and program menus.It still appears in the menu when you delete a program.To delete a menu item that you don't want, just right-click-Click on it and select Delete.You can also rearrange the menu and place the program you use most at the top of the list.Just left-Click an item and drag it to the desired location.
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