cable modem surge protector Avoid the Risk Of Electronics Getting Zapped / Disturbances include voltage sags, surges

by:KEBO      2019-11-05
Take a few minutes to determine the cost of replacing some sensitive electronic devices: home theater and sound systems, computers, fax machines, and even microwaves.You can get thousands of dollars after a few items.Consider now: this equipment may be permanently damaged by power interference-Common voltage dips and spikes in home electrical systems, emc interference, and voltage spikes.Power interference refers to the instantaneous loss or change of normal current entering your home.It may be caused by a number of factors, including turning on and off the motor, interference or lightning from the utility's power cord.Because this power interference is common, why not protect your electronics from the damage it can cause?How much protection do you need and how much should you spend?You can start by buying surge suppression units for $10 to offset the surge.These inhibitors are inserted into the socket and are usually sufficient to control the power interference in a more minor form.But if you are concerned about damage caused by power spikes and lightning, only the surge inhibitor will not cut it off.You may need to invest in more expensive inhibitors and lightning arresters installed on the service panel.Let's start with a more traditional approach.Small current drops and disturbances often do not cause immediate damage;They usually grind off the equipment and shorten the service life of the equipment.High-However, a surge in voltage can be "fried" or short-circuitedCircuit your device in a burst.The latest model of the inhibitor is designed for specific projects such as computers, modems and fax machines, as well as home theater and sound systems.They can cost $60 or $70.One reason for the specific design of the suppression device is the way the power supply interferes into your home.The surge is not just through wires;They travel through TV cable lines, telephone lines and antenna lines.For example, the surge protector of the home theater system will be connected to the TV cable line;The protector of the computer system will connect the telephone line.The inhibitor works because the small rheostat inside the element blocks the surge before it reaches the sensitive device (the rheostat is a resistor whose resistance depends on the applied voltage ).The efficiency of these metal oxide rheostat (MOVs) is measured in joules.The Joules rating indicates the amount of energy that can be absorbed when the surge protector is working.The higher the Joules rating, the better the protection effect."Clamping level" and "noise filtering" are other factors that need to be taken into account when purchasing a silencer.The clamping level is the voltage point where the inhibitor cuts off the power surge;The low clamping rating (330 V or less) means better protection.EMI/RFI noise filtering means that the suppression device eliminates interference caused by radio waves and radio frequencies.The surge suppression device will not last forever.A good booster should have a sound alarm that makes a sound when the device is worn out.While the power supply will continue to pass through the hoist when the alarm rings, it is time to buy another one.Find suppression devices that meet or exceed the standards set by independent test laboratories.(1449 or IEEE 587 is suitable for surge protectors.) It feels better to protect your electronic components?Good.Keep in mind that surge protectors may not protect your computer system from major power disturbances such as lightning strikes.You need complete protection for this type of protectionHouse Lightning Arresters or lightning arresters.A whole-House lightning arresters (from $100-$150) connect on the service panel and direct harmful spikes to the ground of the electrical system.The whole-House lightning arresters block surges that may damage the entire electrical system, including circuit breaker boxes.In most cases, this installation is best handled by a licensed electrician.This whole-The housing lightning arresters are designed not to be replaced, but to work with the surge suppressor of a single electronic element.If you live in an area where electricity is often surging, use both levels of protection.
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