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1997-09-04:00:00 PDT in San Francisco;CALIFORNIA --The "Please knock on the door" sign above your doorbell is there because this damn thing is not working on the blue moon, but Pam Coxson and David Fairley disconnect their doorbell because"People can knock on the door or stand outside and say, 'Hey, I'm here '."Their light bulb is a compact fluorescent lamp.Third, the power of ordinary incandescent lamps.Since their son Eugene was born in August three years ago, they haven't changed one.The mother of all energy efficiency is the bright star above Coxon --Fairley House in notier ValleyThe solar photovoltaic system on the roof directly converts sunlight into electricity.MORE: Pay attention to the Pacific Gas and electricity meter on the side of the house.During the day, when the sun allows Cork and Fairley to generate electricity independently, it runs backwards.They sell clean solar energy to utilities at retail prices-Get credit through their electricity bill.The meter moves forward at night.Law authorizing such donationsand-Taking the "net metering" grid, as the book says in California and 19 other states, for example, the momentum of solar and other renewable energy is gathering in several ways.At the Coxson-The fellie family perfectly combines the prosperity of the environment with the charm of technology."We went to a meeting for a Green party and they had all these bumper stickers for the Green Party.We thought, "bumper sticker?Get rid of your car!He said his car had long gone.On June, President Clinton announced at the United Nations that photovoltaic panels will be installed on 1 million roofs in the United States by 2010.BP is building a photovoltaic panel manufacturing plant in Fairfield, Solano County.The company believes it can generate $1 billion in annual sales from solar projects over the next decade.Compared with four that started operating last year, six or seven will open in the United States this year.At Sacramento, Joel Swift, along with 400 other customers in the Sacramento Municipal Utility area, allows SMUD to install photovoltaic systems on his roof, and agreed to pay $4 per month for the "green" premium as part of an effort to speed up the commercialisation of PV."It's the cost of going out for dinner once a year, and we think it's a clean energy --This is an alternative to building nuclear power plants ."On 1995, the California Legislature authorized net measurement in a bill initiated by a former senator.Al Fred in arc.San Jose, has started on a very small scale.The Coxson-According to the regulations, the Fairley family was the first home in San Francisco to install solar energy, followed by only a handful of other homeowners.However, the solar industry believes that net metering will help domestic markets that are in urgent need of growth.Now more than 70% of the population in the United StatesS.-Solar cells and components produced are exported to Europe, Asia and developing countries.There is a sense of urgency behind this number."We believe this is a strategic technology in the United States.S.Within 30, 40, and 50 years of fossil fuel energy resources, it may be more streamlined and scarce, "Leonard may, executive vice president and chief operating officer of Solarex)Frederick, Md.The largest American.A joint venture between Amco Oil and Enron Corp.In other words, Kija Mizany, co-Solar system integrator and owner of the supplier San Rafael solar energy warehouse said, "it's time for people to take advantage of renewable energy.For God's sake, we live in the sunshine."In Noe Valley, cokerson has a PhD in mathematics and works at home, and her husband Fairley, a statistician in the air quality management area of the Bay Area, bought the country --of-the-$10,000 in Art solar equipment including $5,000 worth of inverters.It has a 20-30 years warranty service is provided.In most systems, solar energyThe resulting current flows into the battery that stores power in rainy days, but the contractor of the San Francisco Western power company Noe Valley job advised the owner to pass the excess power through two-Road to PG & EColleen O'Brien, an engineer at Occidental, said the simplicity of systems without batteries, reduced costs and maintenance are more appropriate for urban environments.Coulson and Felley did not stop here.They replaced an inefficient refrigerator with one that was half the power of an old one.They measured the "phantom load" drawn by many household appliances, even if it was turned off (TV, 2.Waste 9 KW of energy per month;Power Strip with surge protector, 0.For example, 36 KW hours a month) and unplug the power supply.Even the doorbell rang.In the name of protection, they are about to start from their 9 53-Watt solar panels.Since the installation of the solar system in 92-year-old, three-bedroom, 2,000-square-On the way home on foot, the family's monthly electricity bill dropped from $24 to $7."In the past, protection meant going through a little bit of difficulty, but there are a lot of ways right now that don't involve difficulty at all," said Kerson.Also light bulbs, panels, refrigerators-They will pay for themselves."Solar and wind energy are the fastest-growing forms of energy in the world, but their use is hardly documented: In California, wind energy accounts for 2% of energy delivery, and solar energy is less than 1%.When the cost is reduced, the niche market will expand, but the electricity sector, including California, will be deregulated from January.1, will be greatly helped by generating competition and supplying "clean and green electricity," said Scott Skra, director of the solar industry association in Washington, D.C.C.However, there are concerns about the loss of technology leadership in the US, particularly in Germany and Japan, which have aggressive subsidy schemes to cut costs for photovoltaic systems.The Clinton administration pointed out in building a million solar roof program that these competitors can take advantage of their domestic market and seize the opportunity to dominate the global market.This initiative includes the establishment of a trust fund for the purchase of roof systems and financing arrangements at a price of less than 5% under certain conditions for 20 years.It is also designed to create 100,000 solar energy.By 2010, the White House said jobs in the United States were in line with global warming mitigation strategies."As far as our survival is concerned, there are concerns that offshore competitors will reduce costs and they will leave us behind," said May of Solarex .".This has happened in many industries, he noted.Components for consumer electronics, televisions, flat panel displays and even semiconductors"We are sending this signal now.Mei added: "What is driving Japan's plan is the retail price of electricity: Japan is 25 cents per kWh, two to three times that of the United States."They (Japanese) have created a natural market where people buy systems as quickly as possible," said Mei, whose company exports 75% of its products."The factors that create markets in the United StatesS.Not mysterious.We must overcome some basic economic problems.They are powerful, but not mysterious ."Also, he said, "most Americans would agree that we are not as eco-friendly as some other countries in the world." The Coxson-Fairley's home is no longer eco-friendly.That's the economic theory of Kerson: "The compact fluorescent bulb is now paying for the refrigerator.When the refrigerator is paid, the bulb will pay for the solar panel.So I think of it as a package."The public was also invited to see it.On October, the Northern California Solar Energy Association will organize a solar residential tour.In San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, San Jose, Sacramento, Davis, and traki.For more information, please contact Taraval St.3629 Occidental Power.San Francisco 94116.<
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