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by:KEBO      2019-08-09
Do you often get frustrated when you use a computer?Do you sometimes lose a lot of time by dealing with glitches or trying to learn how to do something?Every minute of using a computer should be enjoyable.You will learn how to prevent some computer failures and how to solve some problems quickly.Even if you enter the correct username and password, do you sometimes have problems logging into a website that you often use as a member?I spent a lot of time trying to figure out why I couldn't log into one of my sites a few months ago.Every time I click submit after entering the username and password, the login screen shows a match that I can't find the username I entered.I used the live helpline for the website but did not succeed.In the end, I asked the consultant at the computer lab I was using for help.He found a gap between the left edge of the username field box and my username.If there is a gap between the edge of the field box and your username or password, the website system will think you entered an additional character.Even if you copy and paste your username or password into a field, the gap I discussed can be created.If this error occurs, simply click the mouse into the field before the user name or password starts, and then click backspace ".Do you save and store documents using flash drives?If yes, click the Remove Hardware safely icon before unplugging the device.If you have closed each app you use and still receive a screen message saying that your universal device cannot unplug, turn off the computer and unplug the device.Internet Explorer crashes and causes you to restart everything you do on the Internet or log back on to the site, have you had an experience like this?Stop using Internet Explorer and try Mozilla Firefox, a safer and more convenient Internet browser service.Whenever you can't load a Web page after you type the URL of a specific website, click the "refresh" button once or twice.Continue if the page still cannot be loaded.Don't spend too much time trying to use features on the site.If the website you are a member of fails, let the customer service department of the website know and then go to another website or do something else.Make your password short and easy to remember.If you create an account on the website but have to wait for the password to be assigned and you receive a password that is long or hard to remember in an emailEmail confirmation notification, once you log in to a new account for the first time, change your password to your liking.Please be sure to read the terms of service of the website before filling out the form for the registered account.Filling out the form is troublesome, click on the terms of service before you reach the submit button, and you must fill out the form again after reading the terms.Reduce your time to go to another site.If the website link you are currently using is very long, highlight most of the links and click delete before typing in a new address ".Avoid excessive popularityup ads.Click Tools and activate the popup-up blocker.Avoid arm fatigue by pulling the scroll bar constantly.Click the mouse on the screen and use the down arrow key to move the page down.Have you ever used a computer speaker?To adjust the volume, click the megaphone icon.Speed up your internet loading time.Use DSL Internet services instead of dialing-up service.Prevent failures and power outages from damaging your work.Keep your work often, especially when you have finished writing the file.Connect your computer to the surge protector.Reduce the amount of spam you have.If unsubscribing to a specific sender does not work, click Add to blacklist ".When you want to use a CD, make sure it is inserted correctly before using it.If it doesn't pop up automatically, touch the middle part of the CD and push it down.I sometimes see people taking the time to try to input a number from ten numbersKeyboard with no results.If there are no numbers on the screen, please click the number lock key.Follow these tips to make your computer more enjoyable to use!
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