best small surge protector The Best Way to Put on Christmas Tree Lights

by:KEBO      2019-11-08
Festivals are the busiest times of the year, and sometimes picking and hanging lights on your Christmas tree is done in a hurry without prior thought.Occasionally, this practice can lead to your discontent with the tree and its decoration, which you have to endure throughout the holiday.Sometimes, electric shock or fire can be caused when safety procedures are not followed.It is also important to remember that choosing the right tree is critical to the process of safely installing Christmas lights.Make sure you get a fresh tree for shopping in the middleNovember after thatThanksgiving shoppers came out in groups.In addition to picking a tree of the right height and shape, look for a dark green tree.To ensure that needles are firm;Pick up the tree directly from about 1 feet off the ground, and put it on a hard surface first.The number of needles cannot be reduced.Finally, gently bend the branches to make sure they are soft, indicating that the tree is fresh.In general, the Christmas tree farm in your area offers the freshest trees and the richest options.Cut the branches from about 1 feet above the bottom of the stump with a small saw or trim.Next, make sure that the tree will fetch water from the stump by sawing out 1 inch of the bottom of the stump, and that the SAP has been pooled and hardened to form a water-tight seal.Wash the tree holder with soapy water and rinse it with 1 serving of bleach solution to 5 serving of water;This will kill the bacteria that could cause the tree to rot.Finally, put the tree straight on the tree rack, show its best side, and support it with the screws on the tree rack.Fill the reservoir and keep it full every day.In order to avoid electric shock or electrical fire, the safety of Christmas tree lights is an important consideration.The basic rules are simple: use high-quality surge protectors, do not connect more than three Christmas lights together, and do not use extension cords if possible.Never use an extension cord inserted into another one.Start a few days before the lights are on, stretch out various lines-side by side —On a flat surfaceInsert the harness and replace the light bulb that is not lit.When the whole chain is not on, test the bulbs with the bulb tester, find the bulbs that cause the problem and replace them.It's better to stick the rope out for a day so the Kinks on the rope have time to relax.Starting at the bottom of the tree, arrange the wires so that the male plug is suspended near the surge protectoruse a zip-Tie it to the trunk.Avoid the possibility of electric shock, don't plug in the lights when you string them.First place the light wire inside the branch and then move to the outer edge of the branch.Insert additional sharesUp to three shares-When you move to the top of the tree.
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