best small surge protector How to Convert a Small Bedroom Into a Media Room

by:KEBO      2019-11-08
An extra bedroom in the home can be the perfect place for storage, office or media rooms.The small bedroom is a great choice for the media room as it provides a close feel to the cinema and can provide enough space to comfortably watch TV and movies.Conversion is a simple process that gives you the flexibility to create the custom media room you want.Remove all the furniture or wall hanging in the room.Shelves, vanity and bed included.Empty all the closets in the bedroom.Wardrobe is ideal for all electronic products.The ideal media room setup will include the home receiver system Blu-Ray player, game system, TV cable box, speakers and cables that connect electronic devices together.Install the ceiling ventilation system into the closet so that the equipment does not overheat.Most ceiling ventilation systems include small square ventilation with cooling fans and ventilation pipes that send heat into the attic.Select a power protection box for all devices.On the budget, surge protectors can work properly, while larger settings should use more advanced power management like AC line regulators.Select a wall for the TV or projector screen.Ideally, it should be on the largest wall and, if possible, not directly from the opposite side of the window.Connect all connections to the HDMI switcher.This will allow you to have only one HDMI connected to the TV.Most current devices use HDMI connections, but you may need an HDMI conversion cable for older devices.Organize and separate wires using plastic ties or wire organizers from various retailers.It will keep the media closet free and allow you to install or change the settings more easily.If possible, pass the HDMI cable through the ceiling, through the attic and down to the TV.If you live in an apartment, or the room is located in the basement, the wires are either leaning against the wall with tape or directly through the wall and the TV.Paint all walls in black, dark gray or dark red.This is common for media rooms so that the color and contrast of a TV or projected image will be strongest.Hang the black curtains on all the windows.The curtains will block the bright light on the TV.You can also replace the wall closet door with a large black curtain so you can easily access the media device.Install a sound panel on each wall.This will keep most of the sound in the room and will not interfere with other family members or neighbors.Hang the TV up using a TV wall stand instead of using the entertainment center.This is crucial for a small bedroom as it will help to save much needed space.Connect the Wireless Surround Sound to the media room.The use of wired surround sounds can cause organizational confusion, especially in small rooms.Local media like Blu-rayDiscs, DVDs, and video games in a CD wallet or binder.These cases will take up too much space in the media room, which is a simpler way to organize all media.Use small furniture in the room so there is room for seating and walking around.A small sofa against the wall and a chair should be suitable.Fill the rest of the room with an alternative seat like a bean bag chair.
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