best small surge protector Dot-com luxury lives in Los Gatos / Town that recession forgot a museum for lifestyle's remnants

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--2003-03-04:00:00 PDT Los Gatos--Let's go back to those dizzy days yesterday, all the way back to 2000, when we think of this pointThe Com revolution will make us all millionaires.We will start-Ups from the Fashion Cafe wireless laptop, holding our business meeting through a bocce ball game, with those huge IPO funds burning a hole in our pocket, the trouble of buying candy-apple-A red Ferrari, or an electric yellow Ferrari.That giddy dot-Of course, the bursting of the com bubble brought us back to the dull, No.Interesting days of bricks and mortar, paper memos and tragic lowering expectations.But on the surface, someone forgot to tell Los Gatos.Its main downtown street, Santa Cruz Boulevard, is still a chockablock with smart boutiques ,-the-Instantly the bistro and windows are filled with the latest, hottest, must-have-it tech toys.The stylish coffee house is still filled with Wolves in their thirties who use laptops and blackberries to create the future.The only dealer still selling Ferrari and Bentley cars in the city center.Los Gatans will tell you that the life of their picturesque village is far from dot-com craze.But this is relative.Compared to the rest of the Bay Area, people here seem to be on the verge of a good life, if not already immersed.You can be one of them on the weekend.Traveling is more than just looking at the scenery or examining other cultures.It could also be an opportunity to try another way of life, though only for a short time.The trip to Los Gatos will give us a glimpse of our lives, even for $120.Com did not fall below the price of a happy meal.Nestled next to the trees of the Santa Cruz MountainsLos Gatos is full of carefully restored shaded streets of Victorian and artisan homes, standing in a valley where leading architectural patterns are Strip shops and slopes --Office Park.Actress Olivia de havelan and her sister Joan Fontaine grew up here, beating the legendary Neil casadi who used to live here, according to the historic city center hikers resident John Steinbeck used to drink with Charlie Chaplin here.(Not so far-It sounds a bit far-fetched: Soon after, he filmed his earliest film in Niles and is now part of Fremont.) Los Gatos Hotel recently opened several doors on the East Main Street of the Ferrari dealer, a great place to immerse yourself in dot fantasycom affluence.This is a Spanish colonial villa with interior courtyard and roof of terra.cotta tile.The public space is filled with Florence pottery, old books, Moroccan Wood --Inlaid table and inlaid leather chair.The hotel is managed by Joie de Vivre Hospitality, which runs a range of "lifestyle businesses", including boutique hotels in San Francisco and Silicon Valley and coastal pastures on the San Mateo coast.Egyptian cotton sheets in 72 rooms, highspeed T-There is an Internet connection on the desk, and there are spare plugs and surge protectors in the drawer.Under the TV, there is a surprise: it is not a card that guides you to pay --per-See a list of movie channels with CD/DVD players and free movies and music discs.Press the button on the phone to send it to your room.However, in a recent visit, the hotel was unable to get the voicemail system to work properly.The lights kept flashing despite the lack of information."There is something wrong with our phone," explained the counter clerk.The bathroom is warm and spacious with terra-The cotta tiles on the floor and the "Mandarin/geranium hand bath bar" in the soap tray ".The designers followed the strange European habit of installing towel racks in the shower room.Next to the sink is the extension of the Mini.Bar: one basket-purchase body-The hotel's Preston Wayne spa offers delicious food, including aromatherapy eye pillows ($22 ).$50) and clear sea mud mask ($38 ).Outside is a tiled courtyard with palm trees, small swimming pools, Jacuzzi and fountains.This is a great place to have a drink of Beno Gries on a warm night.There is a Kuleto's restaurant in the hotel. it is the cousin of the same name restaurant in San Francisco and berlingame, specializing in up-Italian market.Despite mixed reviews, it is popular in Los Gatans.How to spend your days?You can browse.of-a-Along the boutiques and galleries of Santa Cruz Avenue and East Avenue, such as palm granite ("fashionable and fashionable people's clothing"), chain stores such as Banana Republic and Williams have also joined in recent yearsTo the disappointment of some locals, Sonoma.You can stroll and dream along the tree-lined residential streets, where 876-square-The full-term cottage is on the market recently for $.1 million.You can join us.Hiking, jogging, hikingbiking and dog-Walk along Los Gatos Creek from Campbell to Lexington Reservoir.Or you can taste sparkling wine in the mirassu champagne cellar, which shares a summit with the center of the Holy Heart Jesuit, where alumni include Jerry Brown.For an only-in-dot-com-Land Experience, down a few blocks from downtown Campo di Bocce.There you can eat in the panGrilled light dishes or smoked salmon, drink a glass of Sangiovese on a table, which is almost surrounded by traditional indoor oyster shells.Diners sit so close to the actionIf this is the correct vocabulary for bocceThe balls that go astray sometimes fall on the table.Former 49ers coach Steve Mariucci who lives nearby is a regular visitorOr at least until recently.And host the annual Charity bocce Championship there.Most of the time, though, this place is an off-site, let's-think-outside-the-Box session of point-Com was once famous in the world.On the morning of the most recent working day, the court was packed with employees of a local venture capital company who were chewing donuts, rolling balls and venture capital.Companies like EBay and Cisco Systems often hire some employees there."Since the big point, the speed has slowed down --"But only a little bit," said manager Joe Morelli ."."Before, they would order $30 when they came in the evening.Now they ordered the wine at home."If the rest of us can stand this point --Com crashes and the damage is small.Los Gatos is about 50 miles south of San Francisco.From Highway 85 Santa Clara County, take Highway 17 South and travel 3 miles to Los Gatos.A slower pace, but better View option is to drive south to Los Gatos along Highway 1 and then take Highway 17 on the Santa Cruz Mountains.Los Gatos Hotel, 210 EMain St.Los Gatos, California 95030;Telephone number (866) 3351700;Web, start at $205 per night.46 E Garden InnMain St.Los Gatos, California 95030;(866) 868-8383 or (408) 354-6446; run $135-$175.According to the hotel's website, Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio spent their honeymoon there.Grill of ship 31 University Avenue.;(408) 395-2722.This is one of the most popular places in town, with grilled fish, seafood and oysters.The Oyster Bar is packed with young Silicon Valley singles drinking Martini in all colors.Entrees, $15-$26.Kuleto's, 210 E.Main St.;(408) 354-8290.Italian cuisine.Dinner main course, $12-26.South kitchen 27Main St.;(408) 354-7515.Often rated as the best breakfast place in town.About $8 per person.Dibo camp, 565 University Avenue.;(408) 395-7650.Bocce ball, $10 per person in 90 minutes.Lunch entree for $8 to $13;Dinner entrees for $12 to $23.Mirassu champagne cellar, 300 University Avenue.;(408) 395-3790.Free tastings;Open from Wednesday to Sunday.Los Gatos Chamber of Commerce;(408) 354-9300,
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