best single outlet surge protector Dorm decisions / There's one rule that defines the college housing experience -- the more things change, the more they stay the same

by:KEBO      2019-11-09
Bill Russell Chronicle illustration Oakland Mills College Housing Office issued a memo on 1942 to the upcoming class entitled "What brings": "For some reason, most pre-College worries seem to depend on what you bring.For those of us who have packed and unpacked for three or four years, it seems simple.However, we still remember the confusion of careful preparation for the first time.Here is our suggestion.With their value."For the first students to go to college, in the years between 1942 and 2005, things seem to have changed a lot, especially with the surge in computers and electronic devices, however, many things change very little.New students are still having trouble deciding what to bring and stay at home, how to find their comfort zone with new roommates and how to make their living area more home-like.Housing consultants at Mills College, UC Berkeley, and the San Francisco School of Art say that no matter what advice they get in advance, some students are always trying to move their entire life to the dormitory, ignore some basic things at the same time."After Coming, (the students) decide in better circumstances what they need and don't need," said Troy Gilbert, acting director of residential and academic programs at the University of California, Berkeley.Counselors at all three institutions recommend visiting the campus before the school starts to see the real size of the room.According to Penny Winters, an admissions consultant at Mills University, since 80% of students in the United States go to college more than three hours away from home, over-packaging mistakes can be costly in terms of time and money.Winters herself was a new student at mills in 1995, and she was packaged as if she were a member in 1946.Winters was the first person in her family to go to college in South Pasadena.She brought all kinds of dowry.-Skirts and shirts, pantyhose and lowHigh heels in class."I brought the iron but didn't have an ironing board and I brought the curtains myself," she said ."."I must have thought I was going to a graduate school.Once she sees the clothes other students wear-Especially a roommate, who is an athlete, went to the morning shift after exercise and before the shower, and winters relaxed a little.Each college has its own advice on what students should bring, depending on the size of the room, the number of roommates, and the wiring capacity of the building.But some things are very standard: towels, shower basket, shower shoes, two sheets (extra long) blanket, quilt, bed cover, pillow, extension cord, alarm clock, mini table lamp (excluding halogen lamp)Dry wipe board, Hanger, laundry basket, detergent, iron, sewing kit, pushpin (for wall), TV, stereo, headphones, computer, printer, heatHot water bottle, water filter/water tank, earplugs and umbrella.The most important considerations are clothes, linens, storage, appliances, lighting and connections.The logo hanging in the cafeteria of the Academy of Arts may give the impression that students arrive in serious clothing --challenged.To serve, remind students that they need to wear shirts and shoes in addition to shorts, pants or skirts.But housing consultants also believe that clothes are the most common thing for students to bring too much.Students from outside California, like tourists, tend to think that Northern California has been sunny and warm.Almost on any campus, students need to wear layers of clothing on cool mornings, warm afternoons and cool nights.The poncho and/or umbrella make sense once the rainy season comes.Fanatics in clothes or shoes should bring enough clothes for a week or two, then bring more clothes after the next home, or arrange more clothes.Linen Winters said she recently received a confusing call from a student: "She wanted to know if she needed to buy sheets for a long single bed.I haven't even heard of this."Mills College is unusual because the main accommodation is a single room with a captain's bed, an ordinary double bed with drawers stored under it.But most universities offer a long bed, usually a bunk bed, which requires special --size sheets.House consultants recommend Target, Ikea, Costco, linens, Scheuer linens or beds, Bath and other places are the best places to find these sheets (and many other things on the list ), but Macy's also has one of the young people's favorite designers carrying the sheets, Tommy Hilfiger."Bright Colors seem to be the choice for most students," Rick St said ."John at Macy's in Walnut Creek.But "denim bedding is kept clean for a longer time."Although Macy's is planning to reserve them throughout the background --to-In school season, longer sheets are sometimes hard to find for the rest of the year.Those students who are rough on linen-Alternatively, if the bed may be used as a sofa or as an auxiliary table when the guest comes over,-It's better to have spare sheets.Some students are not realistic about how many towels they really need."They shouldn't just bring one," says Kristin Black, who is also an admissions consultant for Mills and a 2004 graduate."If you are an athlete or are going to have a swimming class, it is important that the extra fee is available.Black found an old man.In the room in the lobby next door, the old-fashioned clothes rack became crucial during her college years.Students should also keep a spare towel for those who visit occasionally.According to Storey Publishing, author of dormitory feng shui, $10.95), less is always more, and the way to avoid becoming a package later is to catch it now.Don't bring more than what you need, don't buy more than what you need, no, you really don't need all the stuffed animals your boyfriend gave you, she said.Many products have more than one purpose. students can use these principles with their own things.Luggage bags can carry clothes or other items to and from home, or they can be laundry bags on campus.Shower caddies can store toiletries and can also enter and exit from the dormitory bathroom.The cornerstone of dormitory decoration milk crates do a new trick with the version of The Container Store: they crash when you don't need them.If your desk could be messed up with everything you need, then the Container Store recommends using wall space to store posters and pictures.Container shops have stores in many cities, can carry electrical appliances, depending on the school."I brought a toaster oven and a blender," Blake said .""I want to make sure I can make my own food."Students who do not sign up for a meal plan or hate the cafeteria food may wish to follow Blake's footsteps with a microwave, toaster or toaster oven and small fridge.But the dormitory may already have a full kitchen for students to use, or the wiring system may not be able to handle the electrical appliances.Students who know who their roommates are can plan ahead and avoid electrical overlap.Since many dormitories offer TVs in group entertainment rooms, portable TVs may not be required.Some universities have listed on their list to bring drinking water or filter tanks for tap water, such as the UK.But what seems indispensable is a private electric teapot or coffee maker for a midnight celestial seasoning, or an inevitable cup of coffee --nighter.This is an earthquake country where a fire can happen anywhere.If you want to evacuate the dormitory, a small bag of fresh water and a flashlight with a battery will be convenient.What is more likely to happen is a little wound or scratch after falling off the skateboard, or the only tear of a clean pair of pants.A mini first-First aid kits and emergency kits are essential.Also brought a pair of full-Purpose scissors are used to open the package, from the new headphones to a pack of salads, and cut off the annoying tight packaging on everything.Nothing can stop learning like too little light.Learning lights are available in a variety of prices and sizes.Visiting the Augusta Rodin dormitory at Pine Street at the Academy of Arts found a move --In progress, on the table, a beautiful little light with pink stripes in the shadow.According to Josiah Stickels, the resident manager, students usually buy lights at Ikea, pottery cans and container stores."Some students even got the torch lights because the lighting on the top of the head was very inadequate," Stickels said ."."They can bring anything they want other than halogen lights," a message was answered on other university lists due to security issues.This is very different from the time people have been in contact through letters or rare long periods of time.Remote telephone.As part of the family plan, many students have mobile phones, so it's easy for parents and sisters to get in touch.Some campuses are wired so that students can access the internet on their laptops while lying under the tree.In some schools, students don't even need to bring their own computers.The previous lounge has been transformed into a more convenient and faster computer room.Sometimes printers and scanners can be left at home, or at least shared, saving space and reducing clutter because access is easy.Surge Protector is a good idea for gadgets--Charger for mobile phones, computers, iPod, etc.But the connection is more than a dial.up.In this first homeaway-from-At home, students inevitably want to keep in touch with their past as they venture into the future.Lael Sigal, deputy director of residential life at Mills College, said making the room a home is part of "negotiating the values they have.And some excessive compensation."I 've seen fo machines, carnival-like popcorn-When it comes to moving, House consultant Michelle knifen said: "make machines and electric pianoin day at Cal.She advised students to bring the least weekend and other things on another weekend, as there are only two elevators on the top floorRise and make things hard in a demanding effort.To avoid homesickness, counselors recommend putting photos of family and friends in a photo album, or making a collage on the wall like black at Mills College.The room was surrounded by their new sheets, clothes and supplies and looked strange without familiar things.Black suggested: "Bring a totem from home, it does not belong to you, it is part of the home environment."For Blake, it was a piece of jewelry for her mother, and she couldn't see it all the time when she was homesick.Emily Levitt, 17, lives in Queens, New York.Y.Coming to Mills next month.She is a delayed patient who knows what she needs to get but has not started shopping yet.In addition to the proper clothes and photos of her computer, mobile phone, debit card and checkbook, home and favorite places, Levitt also brought a map of the New York Metro system to put in herHer attitude is also very good."I told myself to be mature and have a sense of responsibility.This is not a joke.My parents spent a lot of money.So I need to be open and friendly...Then, with a smile, "I can always transfer."Rebecca Delgado of the University of the Arts manages 13 residences for students scattered in urban settings;The students were told not to take the car because there was no place to park.These buildings range from renovated mansions to hospitals to old hotels, and rooms can be as small as 8 by 10 feet for two students.There is public space in the dormitory and classroom buildings where students can leave their large art projects, but the space is still a premium.Delgado's students are from distant Kenya and Malaysia, from East Bay and Marin County, and he suggested that they need an open attitude and common sense in addition to these."(Students) need to be open to all the experiences coming up."If they start to miss mom and dad, they won't succeed," she said .".Leilani Gacutan of Placer County said she brought too much for the Academy's summer meetings."I brought a lot of clothes, bedding and plush toys," she said .".She decided not to buy the meal package as a result, she brought many foods that were not perishable, such as ramen and juice boxes, and planned to take advantage of the weekly farmer's market within walking distance of her Sutter Street dormitory.While she misses her car and has to buy smart walking shoes to replace the strap sandals she wears at home, she enjoys the experience.An illustrated professional Gacutan took her sewing machine as she planned to continue making her own clothes but found out she had no time.After a few weeks away from home, she won't miss anything there, except for something she can't bring ---Pool in backyard.According to Delgado's prediction, Gacutan is a perfect example of what a student might do well.When students have expectations for a quiet suburban lifestyle, she says, they will not be able to appreciate the reality of the city."The backyard is not quiet, they may hear the sound of the cable car passing by, or the siren of the ambulance, but that's life in San Francisco."This brings another thing to buy on the list ---ear plugs.No air-Almost all students do not take pets to the dormitory.Mills allow fish or any other pet to stay underwater for at least 30 minutes.A student at Mills, who was adjusting at the moment, offered to equip his dog with diving equipment but was rejected.Some students in the college are not even allowed to fish, Delgado says, and they are trying to bypass the rules ---to no avail.They usually get caught."We have a girl and a hamster, another girl and a lizard.We dealt with it soon."While most students have to be guided and don't bring too much, there is almost nothing else to bring with them.At the University of California, Berkeley, kenifen said Kimberly Anderson moved day by BART.Her parents have passed away and she has been in foster care."She showed up with a luggage bag full of clothes, her roommate came with all the new and beautiful things, they packed the whole room and then they went to eat it was her own"Kniffen said that they knew the story as Anderson continued to hold 3 points.She gave a speech during her college career.Since then, Kniffen said housing staff are trying to identify students who do not have a family."Dr.Phil called to help a student with nothing.Several people will prepare a welcome basket for them and some will "adopt" several students.They should be in Cal family so we make them a part of the family."In the end, but not least, students often forget that something that was once very private might become a bit public.A student at Mills said the sink and mirror in her own room meant she didn't have to brush her teeth in front of a group of people.But the shower is under the lobby.One must go back there.So people may need to invest in bathrobes and shower shoes.And, as casual as campus life, sometimes students need to dress up a little more appropriately.Rather than not attending these events, prepare a nice casual pants, a shirt, a tie or a dress.Winters advises young women to wear prom dresses-There may be occasions to wear them.You never know.After all, she said, "No one has ever seen it here before."Sometimes, what college students need most is not a standard dormitory --The list of rooms they received from the school.Here's what some students Add: Dan Shaw, a senior at Florida State University, didn't realize he needed to reinstall the disk of the computer program until the computer crashed and "wiped out everything "."Dave Scheiber, a junior at New York State University --Potsdam, it is recommended to pack a lot of dormitories in the case of campus cardThere is a problem with the washing machine.He said: "No matter how many times they swear they don't have a coin-free dress, it's broken..Other convenient items small vacuum tape medical and other personal record personal email
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