best power inverters for home use How to Power a Refrigerator by Generator

by:KEBO      2019-11-12
When you face a long power outage lasting hours or days, food in the refrigerator or refrigerator/freezer will deteriorate unless you have an emergency generator.If a power outage is an important issue, you should buy a generator and practice using it as an emergency power source for the refrigerator on a regular basis.Check if there is any wattage on the refrigerator nameplate that the refrigerator needs to run.If the nameplate only displays the voltage and the number of amps, the number of watts can be obtained by multiplying the voltage by the number of amps.Additional electric shock is required for the refrigerator to start the compressor motor.According to the rule of thumb, multiply the running wattage by 1.In order to find the wattage that the refrigerator needs to start.For example, if the refrigerator needs a running power of 700 watts, multiply 700 watts by 1.5.As a result, 1,050, is the wattage that your generator startup equipment must put.Check the wattage output rating of the generator to make sure it provides enough power to the refrigerator.For example, if your generator is rated at 1,500 watts, it should easily handle the start-up requirements of the sample refrigerator 1,050 Watts and run the device without any problems.But a generator with a rated power of only 800 watts may trip or fuse from the overload generated when the refrigerator tries to start.Move the portable generator to a flat place in the yard near where the refrigerator is located.Keep the generator at least 10 feet away from the structure and away from canopies, awnings and other highlights.A 14-The instrument extension cord on the power socket of the power generation machine.Extend the extension cord of the generator through the door or window into the structure to reach the refrigerator.Start the generator to reach the running speed.Unplug the refrigerator from the wall socket and plug it into the socket of the extension cord.Check if the refrigerator is up and running properly.Do not use a thin extension cord for the lamp to connect the generator and refrigerator.These wires can overheat and create a fire hazard.
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