best power inverter for home Cheap, reliable solar generator, the best choice for backup power for your home

by:KEBO      2019-10-22
This video shows the basics of how to set up an emergency solar backup generator.
This is a simple solution that costs about the same as a good diesel generator, but does not require fossil fuel at all. Never need to refill the tank and work even on cloudy or winter days.As a factor in the rising cost of fossil fuels, this solution does look very attractive.
The most expensive part of the system depends on how much power you want to generate.For me, during the long blackout (we live in the countryside from time to time), I really only care about keeping the fridge running so that my food doesn't deteriorate, A space heater (in winter because I live in Canada), a transistor radio that can get any updates and a simple desk lamp.For cooking during a power outage, I actually used a simple camp stove, and if the battery is low due to long-term use, you can use camp lantern lighting.
This design in the video was tested during a 24 hour power outage, during which I was able to run a small fridge, a few lights and a home batterycharger.It works and costs less than the average gas backup generator for similar functions, and I can add to it with financial permission and need.
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