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A cheap NOAA weather station can give you time to seek safety.
Shortly before sunrise on November 16, a F3 tornado swept through a small community in NC Riegelwood.Eight people were killed and more than 20 were seriously injured in a few seconds.Four children under the age of 12 were among the dead.
The tornado hit at a bad moment.Most residents are still sleeping or just starting their day.No warning.The National Weather Service in Wilmington, North Carolina issued a tornado alert at 6: 29 a.m.The tornado came down eight minutes later.

Bad weather like tornadoes and thunderstorms has little warning.They have developed rapidly and have a relatively short life span.But in their short time, the tornado caused terrible damage, damage and loss of life.Other weather-Related events like floods and lightning can endanger the lives of many people.
While we don't have the technology to control the weather at the moment, we do have the technology to warn us of approaching bad weather and give us enough time to seek safety.

The weather broadcast by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration may be one of the best secrets in the United States.Many of us do not know that the National Weather Service operates nearly 1,000 radio transmitters across the country.The transmitter operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, recording current weather conditions, forecasts, warnings, and other important weather information.
The NOAA weather station provides people with observations and warnings of bad weather, allowing extra time for people to react before dangerous storms hit their area.When you're on the path of a tornado, seconds can mean the difference between life and death.
However, a special radio receiver is needed that can receive an alarm.Special NOAA weather radios are available on electronic stores, sporting goods stores, marine goods stores and the Internet.The price is cheap (about $30 ).00) and programmable for specific areas.The NOAA weather radio receiver was built to take advantage of the features of the NOAA Weather Radio.
Each notification, monitoring, or warning sent by NWS has a special alarm tone before it.When the radio detects the tone transmitted by the NWS, it activates itself.Weather Radio responds to alarm tone by activating built-in soundAlarm in audio or visual.The alarm function is especially useful for warnings issued at night when most people sleep.

The best weather stations use the same (region-specific message coding) technology.SAME uses a series of digital tones to identify the type of warning sent and to indicate the specific geographic location of the event's impact.Similarly, you can filter out warning broadcasts in the distance and monitor only those messages that are targeted at your local area.For example, if you live in a coastal county but are not on the beach, you may not be interested in a coastal flood warning.
The same technology is also the main trigger for activating the emergency alarm system used by commercial radio, television and cable outlets.
Every county in the United StatesS.Assigned 6-Digital code for NWS.This code can be easily programmed into the radio (the Radio contains detailed instructions for your area.).Once the code is set up, the radio only responds to an alarm issued for the programming area.If you move, you can re-program the radio for your new location.
Depending on the model you choose, further programming can be done to minimize false positives or to include adjacent counties in the alarm area.This is important for those who live near the county border.
Desktop and portable radios have the same model.Portable radios allow you to carry the radios with you, and they can be reprogrammed wherever you go in order to work on your vacation or on the road.If you work outside or take part in outdoor activities, protable unit can alert you to unknown weather hazards no matter where you are.
Battery Backup is very important for desktop models.Even if the power supply fails, having the option to operate independently of the commercial power supply will keep the receiver armed and working.
Over the years, the weather broadcast has developed to broadcastEmergency weather information makes the system a "all hazards" network.If needed, information about chemical leaks, earthquakes and even terrorist attacks will be broadcast.
While we cannot recommend a receiver of any particular brand, we do recommend that you consider buying a radio with a public alarm sign.The Consumer Electronics Association, together with the National Meteorological Administration, adopted public alarm standards.The radio with the public alarm sign meets specific technical standards and includes the features we mentioned here.
We have smoke detectors at home reminding us to fire.We have carbon monoxide detectors that remind us of potential lethal gases in our stove/fireplace/gas heater.A noaa weather station should be included in your arsenal to prevent serious and fatal weather incidents.Early warning of bad weather can give you enough time to cover.
Consider buying a NOAA weather radio as a gift this holiday.It can save the lives of the people you love.
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