battery charging system how to improve rv battery charge and extend battery life?

by:KEBO      2019-08-24
It should last 5 to 7 years when you properly maintain your RV battery.Unfortunately, the common ratio of battery life is 2 to 3 years.Here are some tips to help you extend the life of your RV deep cycle battery to full life.1.Multi-National rechargeable battery manufacturer recommends that your battery pass through multipleThe stage fee is charged once a month.This type of charging has three stages: Bulk charging: The highest voltage and amperage of the charger is used first.Absorb charging: once the battery reaches a charging state of 80%, the charger will enter the stable stage.The battery is safely charged to avoid overheating the float.This section is designed to balance the battery and keep it at 100% of the charge.For this, you can get a 3-Stage smart charger or bring your battery to the RV dealer or any facility that charges you.2.Avoid waste of power when the battery is disconnected.Many other products use up the power of the RV, such as the clock, the circuit board of the refrigerator...When connected, these slow down battery life when the battery is stored.The battery is disconnected and can be clipped to the battery or mounted on a camping car.3.
This tool should be connected to your charging system.It will maintain and dissolve sulfuric acid in the battery.The battery maintainer also helps to prevent excessive or insufficient battery charging.The battery maintainer is advertised as a product that extends the battery life by 2 to 3 years.4.If you are dry camping and you decide to run out of your battery, make sure you charge it directly after running out of the battery.The battery is in the healthiest state when charging 100%.5.
Unless your RV battery is sealed (the lid cannot be removed), you can check its water level and maintain it.The best way is to do a few tricks of this operation: Remove the lid of the battery with a simple screwdriver.This operation should be gentle to avoid splashing water on you.If water needs to be added, use only distilled water instead of tap water as it may contain calcium. Do not overfill.Enough water is needed to cover its plate.Pay attention to some weather conditions. if the temperature is too high, overcharging will kill the battery.When the weather is hot, check the water level of the battery more frequently.The same is true when the weather is cold: Don't let the water freeze.Make sure your battery is in good condition.7.Upgrade to AGM battery absorb glass mat battery is different from traditional battery.The main difference here is that this mat is superFine fiberglass.These batteries are hardly affected by vibration.For AGM batteries, maintenance is rarely required because you do not have to check the fill level.Some basic maintenance and maintenance is required for your RV battery.Simple tasks like taking the time to charge them, keep the water level and disconnect them completely, you will extend the battery life of your RV.You will also have more battery capacity when doing camping.
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