battery charging system how can i check over my automobile -

by:KEBO      2019-08-25

Coolant (level, color and strength) do not run with water only, antifreeze is kept-45 C or -

Transmission, is the transmission service due?How does the oil taste?Is the color red?How is it performing?(Sliding, hesitating, bumping, slowly engaging) is the level within the limits?Did you see the leak?
Check the level, smell and leak again.
Belts and hoses, check the broken and/or worn hose, check the hoseclamps, and take a closer look if you can find the spring fixture (I 've seen them break in half, except for radhose falling off) guess what the next step is feasible!
Battery and cable, keep the clip clean and tight, check the battery charging, charging system.
When is the last song?up?Some engines have a long plug life, but if you have 60,000 km or miles on your motor vehicle, pull a plug or two to see what they look like.
Airfilter, I think the filter is probably the most forgotten item under the hood.Can you see the light using it when you lift it to the front of the light (as expected, the light is on, haha) I see some pretty dirty lights, no if the engine doesn't get enough air, it just works harder to get air and use more fuel, at today's fuel price.....You fill in the blanks.You can clean it by tapping the filter against the wall, check it again and replace it if needed.
Windshield cleaning fluid, what I do is, I start adding summer cleaning fluid, you know something pink (deworming fluid ).If the container is clean, just add it so you will have some antifreeze (in case it still gets cold ).Under the vehicle exhaust system, check for leaks, damage, rusted silencers, etc.
Steering, check if all steering parts are loose, (remember the pit you hit?
Hang, check the ball joints, pillars, springs, impact.(All of these parts allow your vehicle to behave like a donkey on a narrow road) (can you imagine that?) Leaving aside all the jokes, some faults in these parts will make you lose control of the vehicle!
Riding height, looking for low hanging parts, I.e..Low exhaust system, brake/fuel line, wiring harness, etc.
Engine/transmission bracket, Swaybar, check for cracks or wear on all bushing.If the blades last year were still excellent, then use them.
All the lights, check all the bulbs and replace those that go out.(Probably the most forgotten light is the center brakelight and the licenseplate bulb) also check the beam height, fog and running lights of the headlights included.
Tires, fall off with those inlaid tires, (most states or provinces have laws against inlaid tires on a certain date) keep in mind AWD and 4WD......Tires of the same size are all around (I suggest: same size, same brand!
Tire pressure, as shown in the driver's door or owner's manual.In the car.Brake, what is the feeling of the brake pedal?If the pedal is sponge-like or the brakes are not working properly, you may have air in the system and/or in the brake rotor/drum, pads/shoes.(Considering that poor braking can lead to slow parking of vehicles.........
Brake and warning lights (bulb Monitor Dashboard) if everything is OK, it will take a few seconds for these lights to appear when you start the engine 1st.General, I believe we all recognize that a clean car runs better and rides better. So take a hot shower for the baby and put a nice layer of nail polish on her and she will buzz like a happy bee.Happy and safe driving a car.
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