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by:KEBO      2019-10-18
Agatha ChristieThe well-known mystery writer always makes sure that the private investigator she writes has the tools needed to solve the crime.If you are a private investigator or want to be a private investigator, the equipment you use can play a big role in collecting the information you need.
Each investigation is different, but for most cases you need to collect some evidence;That's a photo or video clip.You don't need to go to an expensive store to buy the right supplies: any local e-store should have what you need, unless, of course, you work for the government.Looking for a video or photography camera with a clear picture, a long zoom lens (because you don't want to be too close to the theme you shoot), and extra batteries with fast batteriesAgent battery charger.For digital cameras, buy a big memory card if you need to store hundreds of photos.
Take the time to find the right vehicle for the job.You don't need anything that stands out, like a Lamborghini or a purple van.It is important to be able to park near buildings or on the side of the road and integrate with the surrounding environment.Buy a car with colored windows or color them yourself with a kit;If you are sitting in a vehicle without colored windows, it is almost impossible to avoid being seen.A mini-van or full-Size van will provide you with the storage space you need for your supplies and provide you with more room to walk around so that you can see the theme correctly.
Use high-Microphone and sound-Recording equipment to ensure that you receive any sound or other sound that you may need as evidence.Test this device in advance to see if the noise from the wind or traffic can interfere with the type of sound you want to record.
A laptop with Internet access is handy, as well as some paper, pen or penciltaking.Remember your common sense and don't break any rules when you try to collect evidence!With the right tools and your investigative skills, every case you take over can be a success story.

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