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by:KEBO      2019-10-04
Portable generators are an excellent backup source to prevent power outages.Portable generators were also used to power electrical equipment when going to the countryside for vacation.On-On-site construction professionals use highIn projects where they have little power supply, power the portable generator.However, since most portable generators are easy to transport, they can easily be the target of thieves.
Some simple precautions can prevent the theft of your portable generator.
When not in use, store the portable generator in a locked storage shed or garage.Do not put it in the open place before or after using the portable generator.Cover the portable generator with sheets or tarps to make the thief unrecognizable.Do not leave the portable generator outside when not in use.
When in use, put the portable generator in an invisible place.If thieves know you have what they are looking for, they are more likely to seize the opportunity.Even if thieves do not steal a portable generator while using it, they will be reminded that you have a portable generator.
Be careful when telling someone about your portable generator.People who are not trustworthy will remain in a state of mind about what you have and how to benefit them.Even if your friend or neighbor may tell someone about your portable generator, it is not known that this person is a thief.
Build a security fence around the hotel.Build a fence large enough and strong enough to prevent thieves from entering the property.
Install and monitor home or homeOn-site safety monitoring system.Monitoring systems may be particularly useful at construction sites.Install appropriate lighting for night monitoring.Monitor and test the monitoring system on a regular basis to ensure it is in working condition.
Link your portable generator to a larger permanent structure.Use a padlock to carry or place the combination or key with you in a safe place-Website at any time.Do not link portable generators in ordinary places, and do not link generators as the main preventive method.A resourceful thief may have the tools to cut the chain.
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