apc surge protector Be Safe With UPS, Surge Protector / Save Files, Energy in Blackouts

by:KEBO      2019-11-10
Rolling power outages can last for some time.While there is no "habit", there are things you can and should do to save energy and protect your electronics and data.First, turn them off when all computers, monitors, printers, copiers, scanners and other devices are not in use.Although the latest models of many of these devices meet the Energy Star standard (meaning they use less energy than older versions of similar products), they still use a lot of power.In addition, every Watt is important in a crisis like ours.Don't pay attention to people who say it's harmful to turn the computer on and off.Although I wouldn't bother turning off my computer if I left the room for a few minutes, I do remember turning off my computer at night or when I left the house.The old suggestion that electronic devices will be under pressure when they are turned on is a legacy of the tube era.Today's modern equipment can be handled very well.The only mobile part in the computer is the hard drive, and even the hard drive can handle "start and stop "."Most hard drives have an average starting and ending time of 10,000 times, which means you can expect to turn the computer on and off once a day for 27 years before you run out of drives.Screen-When you leave the PC, the Save program puts the images on your screen, which can be interesting, but they don't save energy.A better solution would be to turn off the display, or, if it is well equipped, take advantage of the machine's ability to enter "sleep" mode when not in use.To set the power function of the display in Windows 98 or ME, click the display icon in the control panel, then click on the screen saver, click on the "energy saving function of the display ", see if you can turn off automatically.In addition to turning them off when the machine is not in use, it is also a good idea to turn them off in case of power failure.While your machine may work properly when the power supply is turned back on, there is also the possibility of a surge that could damage your device.This is true of television, video recorders and other electronic devices.Again, everything may be OK even if everything is OK, but a little extra precaution is a smart idea.If you do not already have a surge protector, please have an surge protector for your PC and other electronic devices.Rated power of surge protector is Joules--The higher the number, the better.Tripp Lite, one of the leading manufacturers of surge protectors, said, "200 joules will give you basic protection, 400 Joules will provide good protection, any product that exceeds 600 joules"Another good investment is uninterrupted power supply or UPS.Low-The cost of UPS equipment, such as $79UPS Office 350 from APC (www .)apc.Com) will keep a standard computer and monitor running for about 11 minutes.It's not enough time to finish your novel, but it's enough to save your files and turn off your computer.Make sure you plug your PC and monitor into the UPS.But don't bother connecting the printer unless you think you need to print in an emergency.It's always a good idea to keep files and keep backups often, but it's especially important during power outages.You never know when utilities will unplug, so save the data every few minutes for safety reasons.If the power supply fails and you have not saved the file yet, you will lose the data.Again, this is a good time to remember to back up your data.You never know when a component will fail, so be sure to have an out-of-share copy of important data files somewhere ---It's better to leave your place.There are many websites, including www.atbackup.Com, where you can back up files over the Internet for a fee.This is not only simple, but also avoids the fact that you have to buy extra hardware and--best of all --Maintain your backup data in a safe place to prevent fires, earthquakes, dogs eating your disks and other disasters.If you have a laptop, consider using it when there is an imminent power outage.By keeping the laptop plugged in, you can constantly charge the battery.If the power supply fails, you can continue to work until the battery is dead.-Usually an hour or two.
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