any power inverter how to hook up christmas lights to a golf cart battery | ehow

by:KEBO      2019-10-06
You can decorate your golf cart with Christmas lights and add a little festive atmosphere at any time of the year.You need to make a small investment in an important part, but this part can also be used to operate other things that require power outlets for cars or golf carts.Next time you play golf in December, follow these steps to connect some lights to the outside of your cart.
If your power inverter has a lighter plug, insert it into the lighter of the golf cart.Inserting the inverter into the cigarette lighter causes it to run out of battery without any wiring.
If there are only two leads with clips at the end of your power inverter, connect the red lead clip to the negative pole (-) The Black fixture on the terminals on the battery and on the positive () terminals.
Plug Christmas lights into the outlet of the power inverter.
Turn on the golf cart to power your Christmas lights.The light goes off when you turn off the engine.
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