air conditioner surge protector how to test an electrical outlet for power surges | ehow

by:KEBO      2019-10-05
Electricity surges in almost every family.When nearby lightning strikes, utility companies power or high power plantsTurn off voltage appliances such as air conditioning.Sometimes they are caused by defective electrical equipment at home or on the wire.They only last for a second, so it's hard to detect.The best way to test the surge power outlet is to use the surge protector.
Get surge protector with internal circuit breaker.Most surge protectors are included in the power strip with several plug sockets.
Plug the surge protector into the socket.You don't need to plug in any device.
Regularly check the surge protector to see if the circuit breaker tripped.Test it by inserting the device to see if it is powered on.If the device is not powered on, this means that the socket has a power surge and the circuit breaker in the surge protector trips.
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