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by:KEBO      2019-10-10
Re-Make DC generator using cordless electric drill.With a motor without a rope drill, you can build a battery charger or an AC power supply.By turning the motor in reverse, power is generated instead of being used.Set up the motor with a rotating crank handle, Windmill blade, water wheel or any way to make it rotate and you have free renewable green energy.
Remove the motor from the drill bit using a screwdriver.
Connect the DC motor to the energy of the planned rotating axle, such as a water wheel, a windmill blade, a hand crank, or a stationary bicycle.How you choose to turn the motor will greatly affect where you make the generator and the length and specification of the wires you need.
Connect the DC motor to the charging controller using a soldering iron or bolt system.A 45 amp charging controller will work best.Set the charging controller to turn on and off the current when the battery level drops below or reaches a certain voltage level--11.7 volts and 14.3 V best for these levels.
Connect the charging controller to a series of "deep cycle" batteries using a soldering iron or nut and bolt system.Deep cycle batteries are used for golf carts and forklifts.Businesses that use these vehicles usually change their batteries in good condition and allow you to take their old batteries free of charge.Most batteries considered "dead" can be refurbished and brought back to life using dust remover.The number of batteries you need will depend on your power needs and use of the generator.
Connect the deep cycle battery pack to the AC inverter using soldering iron or nuts and bolts.The AC inverter converts the DC energy stored by the battery into the AC energy used by the home.You can insert a consumer now-Battery Charger or any appliance running on a standard AC power supply.
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