ac power to dc power what is an inverter welder? | ehow

by:KEBO      2019-10-07
Inverter welders are basically power inverters;They put 120-Volt AC power supply to DC power supply for welding torch.Because you can insert one in the traditional 120Volt socket, it is more convenient to use than bracket-alone DC-Current generator.The DC power supply lifts it through the transformer to the level required for welding.
The on/off action of the switch known as IGBTs is the secret to increase the primary power supply frequency to reach the welder transformer.This action simulates the increase and decrease of the magnetic field, similar to the AC current, but the frequency is much higher.
Inverter welders are much smaller than conventional welding units, so they are portable because they can be transported in the carrier, rather than rolling to the job on a special trolley.Because they're small, so are they-it-You use it yourself and in narrow areas that cannot accommodate portable generators that sometimes need to run traditional welders.
Because they operate at Home Current, inverter welders use less power and are more economical.Due to smooth arc, small splash, stable welding current, their design also makes welding more effective.
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