ac power to dc power Renewable energy renews communities | OUR FUTURE with solar

by:KEBO      2019-08-22
Change has affected farmers, small businesses and companies.We need to adapt to climate change and we also need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to maintain a safe climate.But climate change is not just a problem that needs to be addressed.
It is also an opportunity to create homes, cities and towns that we like to live in.The air is cleaner, the traffic noise is less, and the local economy is stronger.Across Australia, 1.8 million roofs generate electricity from the sun, saving electricity.Community in CanberraCompanies owned by SolarShare are building a 1 MW solar farm in the Majura Valley, enough to power 250 households.Our goal is to give investors a decent return while helping Canberra reach 100.xa0Renewable energy targets by 2020.270 km north of KidstonWest of Townsville, an abandoned mine will soon be home to pumping water, electricity and solar facilities, powering 140,000 Australian households and creating hundreds of jobs.
Like the community Enova, new energy retailers are entering the field as well.State-owned energy retailers in North New South Wales and social enterprises that want people DC Power Co-Funds from 95,000 investors are used to create an energy retailer for solar homes.More cost-Effective renewable energy and energy storage are creating a golden opportunity to transition from fossil fuels that benefit ordinary Australians.Renewable energy has the potential to revive rural communities and regional towns.Power remote communitiesTo provide low-Income earners and pension recipients with affordable electricity.
We do not have to be grateful for the decisions made by the Parliament and the board of directors of the company.We can create new models.It's time for the community to get involved, seize this opportunity and reap the benefits.
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