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by:KEBO      2019-10-07
Did you know that a car alternator can be turned into a generator with a little understanding and persistence?The role of a car alternator is to generate electricity for your vehicle.Therefore, the AC generator can generate electricity for the family with a slight modification.It charges the battery and runs small appliances or lights.Once connected to the mower motor, the generator generates a charge, as if it were still in your car.
Install the AC generator to 1/2-Inch plywood 1/4-Inch steel lagging Bolt.
Place the horizontal axis mower on top of the same plywood.Arrange the motor so that the shaft is parallel to the shaft of the alternator.Install the side of the mower motor with marking marks and remove the motor.
Weld a four-Connect the inch steel pulley to the motor shaft of the mower using arc welding machine and #3 filler rod.If you are not proficient in welding, you can do the job professionally.
Once again, place the mower motor on the plywood base and install the car alternator belt around the AC generator pulley and motor shaft pulley.Slide the mower to one side so the belt is tight.
Used to mount the mower motor to have a 1/4-inch bit.Use 1/4-Attach the motor to the inch lag bolt on the plywood.
Connect the AC/DC power converter to the AC generator terminal.Connect the battery or device to an AC/DC power converter.
Power on the mower motor to generate current.
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