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by:KEBO      2019-10-07
For thousands of years, humans have been using solar energy for heating.Manufacturing solar panels to collect and store solar energy for heating and other electrical purposes is an updated industry.
Solar panel repair-No freeConsume electricity.Depending on the size of your house, making enough solar energy for your home can be expensive.Fortunately, federal and local governments are now eager to provide financial incentives for you to create your own solar energy.For some small needs, such as heating your water heater, or using some small electrical appliances, or even producing some homemade solar energy, you can greatly reduce the cost of electricity.
Determine how much power you need in your home, which determines 12-You need to make photovoltaic solar panels.You can find it the solar panel system and the load calculator of the University of Altai on the Internet.In addition, most states have Solar and alternative energy information websites that provide power use calculators and other resources to help you learn more about solar and calculate how much system you need to build.
Buy small solar panels from RV stores or Internet vendors.
Buy a deep-Continuous use of circulating batteries from ocean or RV stores.Ordinary car battery for starting/starting the car.
Place the battery in the child-proof box to cover the exposed terminals.If the battery is stored outside, a plastic tub is a great option to protect it from the elements.
Purchase a DC meter to supply power to DC appliances (fans, hair dryers, vacuum cleaners, etc.).
Invest in AC inverters if you are running AC equipment.You need to know how many watts it takes to run your "stuff;i.e.If you need 120 watts to run the TV, VCR, and lights, please purchase an inverter for 115 volts and 120 (or higher) watts.
Connect the meter and DC input to the top of the box using a drill bit.
Use insulated wires.Connect the meter to the terminal on the battery first, the negative pole.Only one wire can be processed at a time.
Next, connect the DC inlet to the battery, the negative pole, first.
Connect the solar panels in the same way.
Close the lid of the battery box.Fixed with bungee rope.
Put the solar panels in the sun: charge the dead battery for 8 hours and the weak battery for 3 hours.
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