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by:KEBO      2019-07-08
For beginners with common abbreviations related to automotive displays or automotive electronic entertainment systems, this is a quick question.
The so-called Car DVD monitoring system has gained incredible popularity, mainly because of fans of "car modification" or "super car --So as you might expect, anything that combines amateurs with cool gadgets has quite a few terms to put together, especially if you're a car audio
* Changer -a CD changer;A device that saves several discs and plays them as needed without having to pop up or sort them manually.Needless to say, you can also get a DVD Converter now.
* Crossover -Limit the frequency range of devices sent to different speakers.
* DIN -It basically represents "Normung, German Institute of fur" (DIN, German Institute of Standards), similar to ISO.In connection with the car DVD system, DIN indicates the standard size of the dashboard slot, so 1 DIN indicates that the device occupies one slot and 2 DIN indicates that the device is a dual slotSpace using two slots.

* DTS -"Digital Cinema System" multi-channel audio-Just another SurroundSound standards like Dolby Digital 5.1 -There's no point in your car, but this is another
* DVD-A -DVD audio -In addition to more features and higher quality, similar to music CD.
* RF -Radio frequencyRefers to things like wireless headphones.RF is usually better than infrared because you don't need to be in a clear hassle-free transmission or line of sight wireless transmitter.
* Inverter -A power device that you can plug into the car dashboard cigarette lighter to power the AC power supplyDemanding equipment.
* In-dash -Devices installed on the dashboard, such as on-board DVD players, are usually located in the same slot of the old car radio.
* GPS -Global Positioning SystemThis basically means the navigation/map display software linked to the signal receiver and the reading on the car monitor or screen.
* GUI -Graphical user interfaceIe: you can use on-Screen menu, usually with a touch screen display.
* Headliner -Make up the cover of the ceiling/roof in your car.
* Modulator -FM transmitter that can turn the audio input source, such as MP3 player or audio line-In the radio signal, you can listen to it using your car stereo.
* Monitor -Display that receives signal from car DVD player or car TV tuner-If the product is described as a simple "monitor", this usually means that it does not include actual players such as car DVD player units.It's good if you buy each unit separately or you are building a full unitCar entertainment system one by one.
* Motorized -When the tft LCD screen of the monitor is not in use, usually in the car of the instrument panel unit, neatly fold and slide inside the shell.

* Power port -
* RCA -Red and White (for audio) and yellow (for video) connectors for connecting a car DVD player to a car display or home media center to a widescreen TV.
* RDS -Radio display (data) system-Cool features that allow your car radio to display detailed data such as the name of the station or the name of the track in the FM broadcast signal.
* Receiver -A device that "transmits" video signals to a screen, such as a car DVD player.Confusing?Yeah, we know.
* S-Video -It is a high quality cable used to simulate video signals, which transmit video data as two independent signals of brightness and color.
* Sub -It is often called a subwoofer.Refers to a drive or full speaker used to reproduce the bass audio frequency, usually down from 150Hz to 20Hz.
* Toslink -Standardized optical fiber connection system.Its most common use is to carry digital audio streams between components such as micro-discs, CD players and DAT recorders in consumer audio devices.
* Versatile -A vague term, usually just referring to "feature-rich", E.G.There is also a built-in car DVD playerConnect with external storage devices.
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