ac dc power use wifi led rgb controller for real smart home lighting ...

by:KEBO      2019-09-20
What is the WiFi led rgb controller, a simple explanation is the controller to dim the LED light through WiFi.The development of smart home and home automation is a new popular trend.The control end is an application installed on IOS or Android mobile devices, which can achieve more flexible and intelligent home lighting control.The entire WiFi control system should include applications installed on mobile devices, routers, Bridges with RJ45 ports, receivers connecting LED lights.The router should connect to the Internet and add the application to the home network in order to send a WiFi signal.The bridge should be connected to the router via RJ45 port in order to receive WiFi signals from mobile devices.The key is that the bridge is able to convert WiFi to other types of control signals, such as an RF signal or a dmx5 12 signal.Therefore, the receiver can receive the signal.If the receiver is an RF receiver, the bridge should send an RF signal to it.If the receiver is a DMX decoder, the bridge should have a dmx5 12 signal output and be connected to the decoder.Once all the parts are connected and connected, the app is added to the home network.Enable Full touch control for brightness adjustment, RGB tone adjustment, and dynamic color run mode.The app has users-The interface is friendly and easy to operate with just one finger.A receiver that may be an RF receiver or a DMX decoder should be selected according to the input type of the LED light, as the output of the receiver will be connected to the input of the lamp.Of course, your LED should be dimmable in the first place, and you can consult the salesperson when you buy the LED light.For AC input lights, you should select a receiver with AC output.For DC input, the receiver with DC output should be selected, as well as AC-DC power supply may be required for the receiver.In addition, you should understand whether the led is designed with a constant current or a constant voltage input.The most amazing feature of the WiFi led rgb controller is wireless and full touch smooth control.The control distance can be more than 20 m, which means you can operate anywhere in your home.Dimming, color temperature adjustment, RGB tone adjustment, dynamically changing patterns and so on can be smoothly controlled by fingers.It is a real smart lighting control solution for home lighting.
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