600 watt inverter Traveling Across Country in an 18 wheeler

by:KEBO      2019-10-24

Do you want to travel around the United States in the past, but can't afford it?You can do it like my husband and I did.We drive half a truck for various trucking companies.If you're lucky, you can find the parking lot where you can take a taxi to see some of the attractions you 've always wanted to see.If you drive across the country, you will see a lot of states.During our 9 years of team driving, we visited all 48 states.I had to get off for health reasons and my husband continued to drive alone.
What about my family?
Can I take them with me in my truck?
You can spend some time in the truck with your spouse/girlfriend and child if your company allows, so that he/she can also experience the trip.You will travel in a converted RV.If you have an upper and lower bunk, you can have your child sleep on the bunk.This is a very good time to combine.Make sure they bring a lot of stuff to keep the kids busy in case they start getting bored with the scenery.

Is it possible for me to travel half a truck?
Yes, most of the women driving the truck go out with the team and their husbands, but more and more single women go out and open a big rig themselves.If you are the kind of woman who likes to be alone and visit with people occasionally.This job is perfect for you.You can drive alone like a man.In fact, they found that some women are the best drivers.Probably because they think they have to prove to men that they are as good as men.

Truck driver-
Gene talked about the problems faced by women in trucking and how they were treated, or at least how she had been treated for the last 11 years.During the recession, she also talked about trucking today.

I80 truck stop, Walcott, IA-One of my favorite truck stopsThis card station has everything you want.Want to cheat the truck?They have a chrome store and parts store downstairs.The restaurant, fast food restaurant, gifts, shower facilities, etc.Yes, there is a lot of parking.Click on the picture to get a virtual tour of the I80 truck stop.
Petello, San Antonio, TexasIf you want to visit the races of Alamo, Tower of America, Riverwalk, San Antonio Zoo, SeaWorld, Museum of Art, San Antonio Spurs, this is a great place to park, or whateverGo to these places or rent a car and you have to take a taxi.They all deserve a look.On April 22.Easter weekend is a big holiday in San Antonio.There will be parades, carnival rides and a fully festive atmosphere on Friday day and Saturday nights.
Sids truck stop, Spark, NV or Alamo truck stop, Renault, NV-I imagine all the nontruckers?This is the truck stop.You can go in for a hot dinner, take a shower, play casino games (including an armed robber) and find a room for the night if you want.
Jubitz in PortlandThere are very few truck stops here.We were always happy to come to this place with good parking, good food and great shower.
Lipp Griffith, Barstow, California-Another area with few truck stops.We always stop and wash our trucks (because California is very strict with their laws and will pull a dirty truck and trailer over), take a shower and have dinner, then sleep in a car that knows we'll be safe.
My 80 truck stop.

Do you have any pets in the truck with you?
Consult your trucking company first.
This is a picture of our dog robber who has been sitting in a truck with us since he was two weeks old.He stayed in the truck until our truck was lost in December 2004.Pets are allowed in some companies and not in some companies.Many times, pets are not allowed on the truck because the company has asked the driver to leave the pet on the truck that tore up the truck.Some people will allow you to bring pets if you pay a deposit.There is also a friendly trucking company that allows you to bring your pet without a deposit.It doesn't hurt to ask if you can bring a pet.They are good partners to reduce your stress and let you walk and exercise.Be sure to tie your pet to the belt.Just a small mistake.Your pet may get them knocked down by people who don't look....Or serve them on purpose.
Dog between door and door
Introduction to the dog between the door and the door organization and its website, .The point is over.the-Drivers and their pets.The website is improving every day, please check the video and hope you will visit the website...

While we were in the truck, we decided we were tired of eating out all the time.We bought ourselves an electric cooler and we plugged it into the lighter on the truck to keep the soda, the lunch meat and other food cool.I also put it near the vent of the air conditioner.The other items we carry with us are a coffee pot for husband's own coffee and a large crockpot with a 1000 watt inverter.We may have only used a 500 watt inverter for crockpot.As we all know, I will cook barbecue with potatoes and carrots and invite other drivers to come over and have dinner with us.Many of them enjoyed a home cooked meal (or I should say a truck ).I made a stew another day.I would put the food in the crockpot, put the crockpot on the floor in the sleeping area, and put it in a very low position until dinner that night, which would be great.
Recommend this method to drivers now so they can save money and eat healthier on the road.I know it saves us a lot of money and greasy food.
Teddy Bear -
A sad song about a disabled child who likes a truck driver because his dad is a truck driver but died.
Teddy bear last ride
FYI -This is not done by Red Sovine.Sung by Australian country music artist niff Nichols.This is a real tear gas.

Children tend to get bored during long trips, especially as they get older.Try to play some games with them.
One of the games that can be played is to determine how many cars of a certain type or color are.Maybe change it to how many of the 18-wheel cars you see on the road.For example, how many Willie sand trucks do you see, or how many taxis do you see.
Another is a word game that selects or does not select a category.The first player selects a word and the next player has to come up with a word, starting with the last letter of the other word, and so on.Some children like this game, others don't.You have to play by ear.
You can make some bingo cards with different types of things you might see during your trip and play the travel bingo game with your kids.You can give the winner some small gifts....When you have time to stop, maybe there is another quarter to go to the card station to play video games.

Let you travel with you.Recently, children tend to play handheld video games.If your child is prone to motion sickness, the situation can be worse.
Remember, if you don't keep them busy while they're traveling with you, they may have a tendency to get bored.I know we have our grandchildren with us, and that's all we hear.I also heard this from other truck drivers with children.

Tell us some of your experiences.
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