3 phase variac quarterback training: reading the defense by andrew berkey

by:KEBO      2019-10-20
Football is a changing game, and quarterback training is becoming more and more complicated.
Reading defense is one of the most important football skills the quarterback can develop.
Learning to Read defense is a continuous quarterback training process, and I will discuss it in three stages, in the movie room, watching football teaching videos related to defense and quarterback training strategies on the pitch.

a.Looking at the type of defense they're running, is 3-5-3 a 4-3 defense?
b.Identify their defensive tendencies, when do they stack boxes, when do blitzkrieg, what kind of blitzkrieg are used, and how do they use security measures in blitzkrieg?
c.Looking for personal player tendencies.I used to know a quarterback who had to pass every time, and he licked his fingers when he was close to the ball line or waiting in line for a fake shoot or shot.
d.Defensive players and units are no different.Many players and troops will communicate their defensive tactics by queuing up.When looking for these traits in the movie room, they are there and the defense system sends a telegram to their script.

1 Find the safety devices, where they are on the pitch, and how many safety devices are in the game when you are close to the ball line.Security is the key to any defense plan you will face.
a.If the defense body shows two depth security on the hash mark, it means covering the 2 area defense.Since each safety is responsible for half of the site, the center of the site may be open to a tight end or slot back, or use a running game.
b.If the security device is rotated to one side or moved to the ball line, the quarterback may see a blitz or a man-to-man coverage.Since both safety devices are on the same side of the course, the quarterback can have a wide range of receivers in a single coverage.
c.If a safety line is at the end of the tension, expect all defensive defenders to play man-to-man.
d.There is only one security point in the game to cover the three defenses and the game is divided into 3rds.
2.Quarterback looks at the corner.If they play near the receiver, this usually means zone defense.If the corner is playing from the receiver, this indicates a personto-man defense.
3.Look for no match.In a game, there will be a favorable mismatch between attack and defense.Take advantage of this and get the ball to your best receiver without matching.
4.High school and middle school are unlikely to rotate supporters like universities.When a new defender comes in and tests him right away, there's a reason he's not a starter.

Does it make sense to study the same football training video for defense system research?There are many high quality defense videos available for reading.
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