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by:KEBO      2019-08-31
Purevolt Products Ltd has successfully completed the production and export of 1-phase and 3-phase Industrial Servo voltage regulators for more than 23 years.They recently designed and launched new products for the South American, Latin American and Caribbean markets such as Industrial Servo voltage regulators and isolation transformers.About 23 years ago in 1994, Purevolt began operations in New Delhi, India, with a small team and vision to produce high-quality products in the field of line regulation equipment such as servo voltage regulators.The company has recently successfully completed its business for more than 23 years.Purevolt is an organization certified by ISO 9001-2015.They register with MSME, NSIC, D & B and SSI.More than 2 years of experience in the manufacture and outlet of Industrial Servo voltage regulator, automatic voltage controller, sine wave/solar inverter, variable automatic transformer (Variac) and isolation transformer.Under the guidance of their foundersA.K. Gupta & vision of their export directorPurevolt is currently exporting products to many countries around the world.Their "PUREVOLT" brand is growing rapidly worldwide.
Two new products have recently been launched by PUREVOLT.Servo voltage regulators and isolation transformers are suitable for electrical conditions in South America/Latin America countries such as Peru, Chile, Panama, Honduras and other Caribbean countries such as Jamaica and West India.Purevolt has made technical and design innovations in the structure of servo voltage stabilizer and isolation transformer, enabling them to work effectively at 60 hz frequency.For most people in the world, the electrical frequency is 50Hz under normal circumstances.In South America, the United States, Canada and Saudi Arabia, however, the frequency of electricity is 60Hz.As a result, Purevolt tested their engineering team and customized the product to operate effectively in the 60 hz area.It can be seen that despite the best efforts of various circuit boards, the voltage on the consumer side is never constant.Due to these never-ending voltage fluctuations, machines and valuable equipment often trip/fail, resulting in low production.The main purpose of the servo regulator is to continuously monitor input voltage changes by voltage correction as needed, and always maintain the required output voltage.Purevolt is now a well-known and recognized player in India and abroad.They are regularly exported to Australia, the United States, South Africa, Peru, Boston, Nigeria, Tanzania, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Bangladesh, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Dubai, Nepal, Bhutan, Zimbabwe, Ghana iraq, Oman, Kuwait, Sri Lanka, Fiji, Malawi, Mauritius, Palestine, Panama, Miami, Mozambique, etc.Due to the quality and performance of the product, most of their customers are repeat customers.The company's manufacturing facilities are equipped with the latest precision tools and countries.of-the-Art test lab, test the quality and normal functions of all products manufactured by the factory before the product reaches the distribution channel.The Purevolt team upgraded their facilities according to the changing needs of the industry.In order to ensure that each batch of exported goods is well tested, the products manufactured by "purevolt" are confirmed in accordance with the following specifications: 9815-94, IEC and BS standards.Pre-shipment inspection is carried out by SGS, INTERTEK, COTECHNA, Veritas Bureau and other international laboratories and agencies.
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