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by:KEBO      2019-08-07
There are many things to consider when traveling during the holidays...Home Safety, paperwork in the Home Office, shipping gifts, packing clothes, Winter, boarding pets and more.I have been enjoying the Christmas holiday for years and I have finally made a fairly extensive listEnsure a pleasant dos trip.I hope they can help you too.1 -Home safety: * Mail-Go to the post office a week before your trip and set a stop/resume mail date.You must fill out a form and provide proof of identity.
* Timers -Add a timer to the lights in the room in front of the House and in the master bedroom.
* Home alarm -Ensure that the security company monitors the alarm in advance (discounted insurance) and sets it on departure.Place a home safety sign on the window closest to the front door or on the front flower bed.
* Neighbors -Tell you the two most trusted neighbors (which will be your home) your travel dates and give them the keys, alarm codes and contact numbers for you and your closest relatives.Also ask them to pick up any package or newspaper when you are out.Also know their contact number.
* Doors and windows-Make sure all doors and windows are locked.
* Sensitive files-Make sure all valuables and important documents are placed in a home safe or safe.
* Electronic box-Any box containing valuable goods such as TV, Blu-rayRay player and the computer need to be broken down and recycled in a dark bag.Thieves scout at home before breaking into the door, and these boxes tell them what you have to pursue.
* Trash cans -After emptying, collect the trash can and recycling bin.
* Cars -Put as many cars as possible in the garage to avoid damageins.Switch the garage door opener receiver to the lock position.Leaving an old car in the driveway gives the illusion that someone is at home.Make sure nothing visible and valuable will invite a breakin, though.
* House-sitter -Have someone check in at your home several times a day, open the blinds in the morning, and close the blinds again in the evening.If there is a car in the driveway, let them move around and make it look like someone is always there.
* Insurance -Ensure the insurance is normal-to-Dates, including any new, expensive purchases (jewelry, electronics, ATVs) on your property ).2 -Family Winter: * pipe-Insulated all external water pipes with foam/rubber packaging and a dome covering the hose bibs.
* Trees -Wrap trees with linen, blankets, and even Christmas lights, and they generate heat to keep them warm when they are turned on.Any branches that threaten your roof or wires should be removed to avoid damaging your house during winter storms.
* Flowerbeds -Cover the flower bed to provide a thick insulation layer that protects its roots.
* Faucets -Open the internal faucet on the exterior wall and let it drip down slowly.
* Cabinets -Open the cabinet door containing the external pipe, so that the heat inside the house can cycle through the entire cabinet door.
* Thermostat -Set the thermostat to save energy while keeping the external wall pipe warm.
* Sprinkler system-Turn off the water at the "anti-backflow" to prevent the internal parts of the system from freezing and causing the line to break.3 -Car maintenance and travel members: * Daily maintenance-Make sure the car has been maintained on a daily basis such as oil change, adding air to the tires, draining water to the windshield wiper system and preventingWhere should the freeze level be.In addition, make sure the windshield wiper is in good condition and the wheels are aligned.
* Registration and check-All window stickers need to be attachedto-date.
* Driving license-All car drivers of driving age need to have a valid driver's license in case they need help with driving responsibility.
* AAA member-In addition to discounts on hotels, retail stores and insurance rates, AAA is best known for their roads --Auxiliary.This is a very worthy membership when traveling.
* OnStar member-If your vehicle offers this or similar feature, it is highly recommended that you travel, especially in winter.By pressing the button, the OnStar rep can help you with directions, emergencies, and even being locked in the car.
* Insurance -Ensure the insurance is normal-to-For people of driving age, you have health insurance coverage.4 -Family Preparation: * garbage-Empty all the trash cans in the house.
Perishable itemsEmpty the fridge and the storage room for perishable items and give the neighbor a drink first before you throw anything away.
* Hot water heater-Lower the water heater in order to save energy.
* Home Office work-Take care of personal responsibility such as bills, rebates, annual welfare elections.Read more on the 12 endof-Annual personal finance must do this in order to resolve a more complete list of projects by the end of the year.
* Errands -Pick up the dry cleaning, return the rented movie, deliver the gift, mail the holiday card, return the rented formal clothing, plan to purchase the discount due for one year --Finish, complete the Christmas return, purchase the items needed for the trip, and then go to the bank to pick up the cash.
Christmas tree-If you leave after Christmas, take down the Christmas tree and put away the holiday decorations.Clean your house thoroughly so you can start over when you come back.
* Ghost electricity-By unplugging the electronics that are still powering on when not in use and making sure that all the lights are off before you leave, minimize power waste.
* Surge protector-To protect the electronics from the surge caused by the impact of the lighting, insert them into the surge protector and then plug the surge protector into the socket.5 -Pet boarding: * facilities-Find a pet with good reputationBoarding facilities will fill up quickly before the holiday.Your vet is the best person to suggest.
* Shots -Make sure the photos of your pet are enlargedto-Date and have a copy of the shooting record for the boarding facility.
* Medicine -Give your pets medicine before they go in, as some other animals may have fleas, ticks, or even worse.
* Bedding -Bed and blanket for boarders your pets to ensure they are comfortable during their stay.
* Toys -As long as your toys can be washed in high temperature or hard rubber in the washing machine, several of your pet's favorite toys should also be accompanied by them.
* Food and bowl-Many pets have special eating habits, so don't forget to bring the food to the hotel as well.They will also like to have their own food and water bowls.
* Special instructions-Don't hesitate to leave special instructions for your pet.You paid for boarding in order to take care of your family, so make sure they have the right tools to take care of your family.6 -With gift: * shipping-If you know where you'll be at Christmas, gifts ordered online can be shipped to your destination so you don't have to ship.
* Gift to open the package-When transporting unpacked gifts, use the convenience lock attached to the suitcase to place them in the locked suitcase, but it has not been used until now.If this is not an option, the thick black garbage bag at the local hardware store will leave the gift anonymous.
* Gift packed-The exquisite packaging poses a challenge to transportation because the packaging is often torn and the bow is flattened.Be sure to put these gifts on the trunk or strategically place them next to the window.
* Extra supply-Whether you're packing at your final destination or fixing an accident, take extra wrapping paper and get in and out of stickers, bows, ribbons, scissors and tape to get the job done properly.7 -Prepare for the trip: * treat-Take the rest of the baked goods and snacks on the road.Be sure to include nonFor kids who may need to calm down in the car, sugary items.
* Power charger-Don't forget the charger for electronic products such as mobile phones, ipod, laptop, tablet and DVD player.Make sure your car charger works with your laptop, tablet and DVD player in advance, as these electronic devices consume more power than your phone.
* Batteries -Bring batteries not only for the electronics that accompany you on your trip, but also for any gifts that may be opened when you go out (including items shipped.
* Headphones -These are handy for listening to music, watching movies or trying to eliminate noise.
* Entertainment-You must choose all kinds of entertainment by coach or plane.DVDs (or Blu-Light, depending on what your device plays), music and movies downloaded, List of road games (find license plates from every state in 50 states, I-Spy and Volkswagen nose slug wormBug \ "game, there are a few ).
* Medicine -Take any medication you need before you leave.Also, take a bag that includes a variety of health-Cold medicine, cold medicine, painkillers, multi-medicine and other related productsVitamin, prescription, bandAIDS, antibiotic cream, gauze bandage.
* Miscellaneous-Other items that are convenient during the trip include: sunglasses, kitchen garbage bags, grocery bags, napkins, baby wipes, paper towels, water bottles, hand sanitizers, blankets, pillows, comfortable socks, handsHold video games, crossword games, Suduko puzzles, word searches, pencils, pens, window ice scraper and tire chains if needed.
* Travel with pets-To make sure your pet also has a pleasant trip, be sure to bring them: crates, beds, blankets, toys, food, water bottles, food/water bowls, medicines, belts, and bones with raw skinsIf they travel in the car, make a tray that can rest comfortably.Potty breaks should also be arranged for pets.
* Identification-Don't forget the correct identification such as driver's license, passport ID and school ID (movie discount, etc ).
* Online Research-Make sure there's trouble-Free vacation, print booking, online research on things for the final destination, plan to stop, print coupons, pre-Arrange activities such as skiing and theater production and find the recommended restaurant.
Before you leave.Make sure these final tasks are completed-Packing to a minimum, but properly, make rules for the children, go out to the bathroom and leave for the road trip at night so that the children can sleep most of the time, bring a host gift and plan to go home (clothes and food in the fridge will not deteriorate when you come back ).There are many things to consider when planning a trip during the holidays.This is a list of things we did before we left.I hope it will make your trip more stressful.Free experience.Another exciting moment!
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