12 volts to 220 volts inverter circuit “3 types of powerful life energy - and how to use them”

by:KEBO      2019-08-19
"Shakti energy-Spiritual EnergyThere are three different types of healing energy here that one can get, which will help them thrive, enjoy great peace and have great health.In addition, it is connected with all life in the universe and goes towards complete understanding.1 -Shakti Energy -This energy is the power of all the great saints and incarnations who have lived.Shakti energy is a kind of power, a powerful effort, a huge accumulation of energy, unlimited and powerful beyond belief.It is also linked to the female side of all of us, which is very powerful.The Shakti energy exists in all things that exist, and this powerful energy is emitted by nature, rivers, streams, oceans, trees and all living things.Shakti energy is the heartbeat of the universe and the energy of all life activities.How do we connect with our own Shakti energy?Through meditation, meditation, love, yoga, breathing work, go deep into the heart to find the people in your heart.Let go of all the resistance and see this energy moving through your entire being.It's already there, all you need to do is realize it, let it flow freely, understand and use the caring power of this great love.It takes time, it's not something that happens overnight, it takes years to surrender, see the good side in everything and allow the Shakti energy to flow freely.2 -Spiritual EnergyThis is the vitality that connects the soul with the body ...... It has great power.This is also called the vitality of the universe or the "gas "...... Similar but different from electric energy.This energy is nothing more than pure love.A love from all spiritual beings in the multiverse.It can be collected for treatment, health and greater understanding of life itself.This is a powerful energy for energy healing.It is white light, a power that is stronger than any force in the universe.This is also the energy that Chinese medicine and qigong talk about.This energy can heal and transcend all distances.Close your eyes and then slowly put your hands together until you feel warm between your hands or energy balls.This is a kind of spiritual energy ...... It can be used to heal others and heal yourself.Pull this energy into yourself every day and breathe this energy out to other people who need healing.Use this energy to recharge your life and fill you with the energy of youth and life.3 -Kundalini energyThis energy is dormant at the bottom of the spine.It is a powerful force that explodes into the heart, abdomen and head with great force.I personally think it's like the energy in the body moving from 110 V to 220 V ...... It's hard to describe.If a person is not ready to receive this energy, there may be uncontrolled shaking, body changes, headaches, high blood pressure, and so on.But if one is prepared for their Kundalini energy, then they will see the celestial energy, the uncontrolled shaking, the great understanding, the simplicity of understanding everything, their consciousness they have more material energy, they can see and understand the abstract nature of the universe and so on.Give a real direction to their lives ...... And great wisdom and love for everyone and everything.See the link to this article about "how to open up your kundalini energy ".
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