12 volt dc to ac inverter How To Convert 12Volt DC Into Thousands Of Volts Using A TV Flyback Transformer

by:KEBO      2019-10-23

Output voltage of KV!
Than can travel 2 from the front to the negative distance.5-The input voltage from about 12 v dc is 3 cm.

1-An anti-excitation transformer that can be found in old TV sets and CRT displays.
2-The magnet line can be found in the transformer coil.
3-We used this model of power transistor mounted on the radiator.
4-The resistance is 240 ohms.
5-Resistance of 27 ohms.
6-A fast diode.
7-Connecting line.
8-12 v dc power supply.
9-The two stable poles where electrons move between them are made of a table tennis net holder and a dozen discs.

1-Make a five-Turn the feedback coil on the transformer out from the magnet line and the direction of the turn must be the same as in the video.
2-As in the video, identify the primary coil on the Transformer pin, and the primary pin is short-circuited together, which can be noted using ohrazer.
3-Connect the circuit as follows.

The voltage generated by this experiment is several kV, which may cause significant damage. it is not recommended that you try it at home!.
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