- air conditioning unit of the refrigerant filling problem

by:KEBO      2020-05-02
Air conditioning unit of the refrigerant filling problem test refrigeration system, finds a large number of bubbles in the viewer, and refrigeration pressure is not stable. We can according to the following steps to solve: the first step: under normal circumstances analysis in the above-mentioned refrigerant state when the room has a certain heat load, outdoor condenser heat dissipation is good, if properly configured, condenser in equipment operation after a few minutes, will be within the normal range, high voltage and low voltage value and the refrigerant in endoscopic should is full, no air bubbles. Step 2: check the main factors according to the above analysis, should further check the factors influencing the bubble occurs in the viewer, the heat load of engine room, the installation position of air conditioning separate-bodied air-conditioners, radiator, condenser configuration, installation of pipe distance, such as pipe diameter, monitoring of refrigeration pressure, compressor running current, ambient temperature, degree of supercooling and superheating temperature, etc. Step 3: add refrigerant after the inspection, if haven't found the problem, can add refrigerant until no air bubbles appear properly. In the above steps, all factors should be checked, if one of the above steps appear problem, should correspond to solve, and make sure there is enough in the operation of the refrigerant. This method is suitable for the daily inspection and maintenance.
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