Air conditioning room anomalies caused by the failures of contingency plans

by:KEBO      2020-05-02
Air conditioning room anomalies caused by the failures of the emergency response plan: normal circumstance temperature: winter: 18 ~ 20 & plusmn; 2 ℃ in summer: 18 ~ 23 & plusmn; 2℃( Temperature gradient & le; 5℃/小时) Humidity: 40 ~ 50 & plusmn; 5% of air conditioning system failure led to room temperature rise of temperature, humidity or equipment to appear alarm when abnormal phenomena, perform the following steps: the first: first to check the location of the fault of air conditioning and phenomenon, contact property to repair air conditioning group. Article 2: if the fault is relatively serious, influence scope is big, the immediate reporting to the computer room maintenance, and report to the upward step by step. Article 3: enable spare air conditioner, fan, humidifier reduce indoor temperature, humidity, and open the cabinet door and room door, so that the equipment cooling and air circulation. Article 4: the staff on duty should pay close attention to the running status of equipment, such as alarm, check the log information; If necessary please equipment manufacturer to technical support engineer immediately rushed to the scene. Article 5: the staff on duty to check each maintenance business; Such as have affected the normal operation of the system and the business, especially some important business, should immediately report to the superior, report the lowest. Article 6: if the air conditioning has good maintenance, the indoor temperature, humidity or falling returns to normal, the personnel on duty for the operation of the equipment and maintenance business in the detailed inspection, to ensure that returned to normal. Article 7: stay back to normal indoor temperature, humidity and monitor after a period of time without exception, will spare air conditioner, fan and humidifier shut down and put in place, maintain a clean and tidy room health and. Article 8: the staff on duty for the failure to make summary and report, in the form of document turned over to the head, and input fault in the library. This scheme suitable for building air conditioning system failure cause anomalies such as room temperature and humidity increase.
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