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by:KEBO      2020-05-02
As is known to all, large equipment power density of high calorific value, so the volume data exchange, such as computer room still needs through constant refrigeration air-conditioning compressor to meet the needs of communications equipment to the environment temperature, the refrigerant through the pump running, the ethylene glycol solution as the carrier of cold agent for indoor and outdoor heat exchanger, prevent air conditioning compressor work, because the computer room precision air conditioning evaporator left and right sides of the joint is more, the likely funnelled more also, precision air conditioning refrigerant leakage is often the case, the main reason is that air conditioner factory employees poor welding technology, in the absence of the burn (red copper pipe Did not reach a temperature of 600 ℃ ~ 700 ℃) , just put the electrode in joint, copper tube and solder was not able to fuse together, causing joint holder welding, MaZha, leakage is not smooth, look at this several air conditioning refrigerant leakage point below how to remedy it. 1, low pressure refrigerant leakage by-pass valve core offset refrigerant (split type air conditioner refrigeration system Commonly known as & other; Add fluorine & throughout; ) , it is necessary from the low pressure bypass asked injectors. With thimble and trachea, add the low-pressure valve open bar, refrigerant R22 refrigerant gas and air conditioner refrigerant gas cylinder connected, can end filling. Formation reason reason is: the leakage of valve core and the trachea thimble dispensing is too long, the by-pass valve plunger top out later than the back, to reset the valve core is too late. To eliminate air conditioner's solution was to use a public key to add inside the valve core, valve core is a force, make the valve core spring pop-up, can eliminate the problem of leak valve core. 2, outdoor tightening machine U tube refrigerant leakage outdoor tightening machine U exhaust pipe leakage is wide, the main reason is because the brass tube wall thin, poor material, a u-shaped bend after bending, present small crack, tightening machine in the work of volatility to crack. This kind of leakage problem mostly take gas light-leaking, such as indoor machine without blow out cool wind, discovered by practice. Inspection method is: put the funnelled oil stains with a soft cloth to the net, with silver holder copper pipe crack leak welding is good. Welding before looking for a period of greater than coarse exhaust pipe diameter of copper tube, a hacksaw sawing, wrapped in a crack, in order to avoid leakage from here again because of shock. 3, tightening machine terminal refrigerant leakage tightening machine terminal refrigerant leakage, accounted for over 2% of the leaking problem, over-current overheat protector cover, if see oil stains, tightening machine around the terminal is funnelled to clarify. Elimination method is: put air conditioner power plug pulled, and write a note & other; Someone repair the air conditioner on the roof, suddenly plug & throughout; On the socket. In order to avoid staff on the top floor maintenance outdoor tightening machine; Indoor staff mistakenly plug, form personal electric shock confound. Then making table in the low pressure gas gas bypass valve, try the system pressure. 4, four-way reversing valve refrigerant leakage KFR three copper pipe on the air conditioner four-way valve Angle of leakage is more, if found to have oil stains, the Angle has funnelled to clarify. Remedial method is: use towel first write the Angle to clean oil stains, leak detection and washing spirit, the funnelled make logo with steel needle, and then release the refrigerant, the four-way reversing valve wound with a wet towel to cool. , according to itself control flame welding skills, aimed at funnelled, when arrived at soldering temperature, Angle velocity ignite electrode welding. Control technique is faster, strive for a good welding, pressure testing is not leak.
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