About the backup type to use common sense - UPS

by:KEBO      2020-04-18
Back-up type UPS is in a state of battery charging at ordinary times, but in power inverter, switch to operate the state of emergency battery supply will be direct current (dc) into stable alternating current output. So the backup type also known as an off-line UPS UPS. 1, if a backup UPS uninterruptible power supply has the ability of automatic discharge can be set up time, suggest UPS uninterruptible power supply for a first discharge by oneself, can preliminarily determine whether the battery has the ability of discharge. 2, high-power UPS power rectifier and bypass the input switch is the independent design, recommend closed rectifier switch, in case if the battery discharge occurs, UPS can immediately turn to the front of the bypass operation mode operation 3, discharge for back-up type UPS power about length of life, such discharge, can avoid a load of downtime, constitute the damage of equipment. 4, for the first time for backup UPS discharge processing without the capacity of the battery completely light, only in 70% of the rated capacity, only the effect of activating the battery discharge. The service life of extension, ups battery. 5, if can see UPS battery, need visual cells have obvious phenomenon of deformation and damage of the dead of night. 6, artificial discharge, the need to keep track of UPS battery voltage drop state, can be easily connected to the mains input at any time. 7, backup UPS power generally smaller power, multi-purpose in temporary power supply, the family personal power, the PC host, relatively stable frequency and voltage, the electric power demand is relatively high.
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