A few basic questions - about UPS power supply

by:KEBO      2020-04-18
1, the STS, LBS and dual bus what is action? STS( Static switch) The role of is to switch input two way into alternating current (ac). LBS( Synchronizer) Role is to two groups of UPS synchronization, the purpose is to make the STS switch time is zero. The function of double bus is to provide redundant power supply for electrical equipment. 2, what are the strengths and weaknesses of the power frequency and high frequency machine to compare? UPS power frequency machine: the disadvantage is that the low input power factor, power consumption, low efficiency, big volume, heavy, high price, low reliability; Advantage is making relatively easy, especially with little effect on manual work, require consistency is relatively lower. High frequency machine UPS: advantage is high input power factor, low consumption, high efficiency, small volume, lightweight, high reliability; Consistency strict means demand is high, but for production. 3, why UPS capacity in VA? Active power unit is the watt ( W) , the unit of reactive power is spent, var) 。 General capacity of UPS are expressed with apparent power, due to the already contains the active power, apparent power also includes reactive power, can neither called W nor said var, since is the apparent power is v ( V) With the ampere ( A) , just simply called the VA. (4), UPS have a lightning protection? UPS can optional input class C lightning protection, there are two ways: in order to protect the load as the priority of the lightning protection; In order to protect the power supply for the priority of the lightning protection, but the effect is not big. Because UPS with lightning protection can save level of lightning protection, power distribution cabinet at best but still can't omit the lightning protection of distribution systems. 5, understand UPS what is the advantage of development to the user? Understand the developing direction of UPS's main purpose is to allow users to avoid buying outdated just eliminated or equipment to be eliminated immediately, so as not to cause unnecessary losses. Now has developed into the on-line UPS parallel redundant UPS modular solution system, please distributors and users can realize modularization has come, it will replace the traditional UPS in the application of the data room. 6, machine power frequency output isolation transformer full isolation effect? Machine power frequency output isolation transformer is strictly speaking it inverter part indispensable components, not all isolation effect, because the bypass without isolation, zero without isolation.
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