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by:KEBO      2020-03-30
< p > as the change of The Times and constantly changing market, fast changing, the competition between manufacturers also gradually have long-term planning, to the harmonious competition. Stability in the ups power supply in the market, and to the high-end market, at present, the country's devotion to education infrastructure increases year by year, for the infrastructure of the choice of ups, is measured. With the education industry similarly attractive market and rural credit cooperatives ( 'Its') The application of industry needs. Nearly two years in the country's financial policy and institutional integration environment such as leads, the began to form around the rural credit cooperatives association. This trend also got the attention of the whole UPS manufacturers, UPS power supply manufacturer also in positive attention. Judging from the current equipment selection, is still in the situation of 'governors segmentation', in this area has not yet formed real leading companies, while qualifying for a finalist work become a top priority. Due to the particularity of the industry, some traditional vendors know people get the favor of users. < / p > < p > close to fifty percent of the users purchase intent on 3 ~ 10 kva power section, namely, high-power UPS system. It also reflects the current market situation. From the individual, the family gradually upgrade to the enterprise, industry application. In the face of huge amounts of data and complex information system, medium and high power has become the market mainstream products. < / p > < p > the shift in demand also directly affect the transformation of manufacturer's market strategy. Someone will UPS vividly likened to the blood supply of the information system, which fully shows the importance of the UPS system. Meanwhile, for the importance of service is self-evident. The service has become a hot spot in the industry. < / p > < p > with the core technology of power industry, power electronics as CI industry, IT industry, the PC is widely used and get the development by leaps and bounds. The power industry is the foundation of all kinds of high-tech industry development industry, all of the advanced technology equipment need power electronic power system technology supporting and support. With the development of power electronics technology and comprehensive utilization, the power industry in the aerospace, aviation, aerospace, ships, automatic homing, high-end weapons, nuclear power, military modernization as well as medical, communication, traffic, transportation, electricity, electronics, environmental protection and other fields have an unprecedented development and application of almost all walks of life of national economy is closely connected with power electronics power supply industry. < / p > < p > power electronics power supply according to the classification of the product name, main category 1: switching power supply, including AC/DC switching power supply, DC/DC switching power supply, charger, etc. Class 2: uninterruptible power supply ( UPS) , including ACUPS and DCUPS, etc. Class 3: inverter, including general inverter, LCD backlight inverter, solar inverter, etc. Class 4: inverter, including general inverter, high voltage inverter, etc. Class 5: other medium frequency induction heating power supply, such as ac regulated power supply, high voltage power supply, electric locomotive power supply, etc. < / p > < p = '白领风格 空间:正常; '> UPS power dust in the work to use UPS uninterruptible power supply, hard to avoid there is always some dust. People in the usual maintenance, focus on host UPS uninterruptible power supply and battery, for most of these small dust can be ignored, in fact much dust, the impact on the UPS host movie will be very big. In some relatively dry climate, because the dust in the air is more, in the UPS host wind opportunity to precipitate dust into the machine, when encounter damp air will cause the host control disorders caused by a host work properly, and issued a false alarm, at the same time, a lot of dust will also cause adverse, UPS power supply cooling result in higher internal temperature, affect the service life of UPS power supply, the more serious is the UPS host explosion plate. So UPS dust removal, relative to character is very important and necessary. < / p > < p > enterprises increase investment in research and technology, and strive to reach the advanced level. Uninterruptible power supply is reliable operation of power network, the information construction, is an important equipment information and the security of national defence, therefore, domestic brands of uninterrupted power supply manufacturer must increase investment in technology and research and development, enhance comprehensive strength, manufacturing high quality uninterruptible power supply products, ensure the smooth operation of the economic construction in our country. And in the case of conditional for export, for global market share. < / p > < p > on power electronics, uninterruptible power supply industry key support. The Chinese government and enterprises in promoting independent innovation efforts, but rapidly rising investment is difficult to hide the reality of China's science and technology independent innovation ability is still insufficient. On the basis of the characteristics of uninterrupted power supply high technology as well as the country's industrial automation construction and the importance of national defense security, countries should increase the power electronics industry, the support of uninterruptible power supply and other industries, promote the steady development of the power electronics industry in China. < / p > < p > that's small make up a basic understanding of ups ups power supply manufacturer, hope everybody can have when reading articles, ups are abundant in the market, we need to carefully when buy. < / p >
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